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One of the things that indicates the slow decay of a healthy society, is when external becomes confused with internal. This in itself may seem very simple, and therefore, very easy to adjust according to moral and situation. However, as we are about to see, this is not the case.

Many people today are suffering from a social disease, a sickness that builds up from within and continues to work its way out until the cancer has full authority. It is the need for social acceptance above all other needs in life. People that constantly are forced to socialize and live amongst people that are ridden by this plague, quickly adapt the same behaviour, and as such, this sickness is a rapidly spreading one. The mechanism is quite easy to understand, but less easy to comprehend and point out on a normal day-to-day basis during the course of life. Therefore, it seems appropriate to give a few examples of how this virus is created and redistributed throughout our Modern society.

Sooner or later you will meet them; the ever-fighting individuals for Nature's rights and its survival. This in itself makes most people happy to see, as they then draw the conclusion that there still are people fighting and believing in our natural order. So far, so good. But how do we know if these people really are working for Nature, or for themselves? The easiest way to find out, is to analyze their values and methods of attaining their goals.

Most of these "Green fighters" usually put up posters on notice boards and take part in demonstrations outside Government buildings. People will read the posters and watch while the brave warriors for Mother Earth make their voice heard by...no one? It is here that we have to make a stop and rewind. These posters that are put up, usually contain messages such as: "Do like us - put paper into the bin where it belongs - and you'll be cool too" or "Nature is important, so therefore, help us complain to politicians!". Most people walking by and read these posters, nod their heads, and continue down the road to pick up their paycheck. Our brave warriors however, are certain that people, sooner or later, will join their big and happy family of Green-saving.

But when all is said and done, and these Greenists happily walk back home, we see how much they actually care about their Nature. Most of them will begin a shopping day at the mall in order to dress up in fashionably clothing, then the feasting meal on McDonalds begin, only to be followed by some over socialization on a club, and lastly round it all up with the massive amounts of alcohol consumption. It is hard to believe that the same people just a few hours ago, were screaming their throats sore over how we ought to throw our garbage in the bin, instead of in the open wild. On the contrary, it becomes quite evident, that even some garbage has two feet to walk on, and freely do so.

The insight of this will strike most people as downright baffling; while Nature still is suffering from overpopulation, mass consumption and unhealthy lifestyles, these people dedicate their time to work on their social image - which in many cases is directly responsible for the things they claim must stop. And herein lies the great catch: while all people today claim to work for the best of humanity, 90% of them only care about their own lives and how they ought to achieve an increase in popularity and social prestige. This is the sickness, this is the catch and this is what must be eradicated before we may move towards a new and better world order.

For if this continue, all parts of society will go on and work in blind, thinking the problems we as modern citizens have to face on a daily basis, are non-existant. We are to believe, that everything is to fix itself - how often do we not hear: "take it easy; it'll work out somehow, the Government knows what it's doing". And once again, people nod their heads and exclaim this magic phrase simultaneously: "Government Fixes Everything". This is convenient for most people, as it lets all individuals engage in political debate and "important" projects, while they in actuality only work for themselves under the disguise as "the best for humanity".

So why are not more people seeing through this dilemma? Because that which surrounds us all, that which encloses our entire social hierarchy, that which sets values and decides what we ought to think and not to think, what we ought to do and not to do, is too obvious to be recognized. And on top of this, it's disguised as something other than what it really is. You see, going back to the brave "Green protectors", these individuals have most times become encouraged by their local Government to start up a project. They get financial support, they get marketing and they get to make their voice heard - but what they are saying makes no sense for someone that wishes to actually save our ecosystem.

These individuals receive, after they have participated in their school or local community projects as "Nature lovers", a merit that they later will use in their social life and on papers when applying for work. They will at that point be greeted with respect and honour, for what they have so rightfully done in order to preserve our environment. Their actual deeds do not show up in these merits - only the fact that they have participated in an environmental project. In this way they use social image in order to climb on the social ladder, receive a fat pay check on a highly esteemed work (which in Modern society usually means you're manipulating and fooling the crowd into buying mediocre consumer products, which is one of the large factors that help destroy Mother Earth) and live their lives happily, while the real Greenists and Nature lovers pick up garbage from other morons, write in newspapers and articles, stay far away from any crowd-inspired activities such as clubbing or drinking, create art with a love for Nature and its natural order, and otherwise inform the public through other means than worthless "demonstrations" (that by the way makes no change whatsoever in the basic of a Capitalist system).

This is perfect, as it rewards both the individuals involved in the project, and the politicians. The individuals receive social acceptance and prestige, while the politicians can use this as a means of receiving more voters. They will brag about how they've started up environmental projects that'll help save Nature, and how they expect to see a decrease of toxic and other dangerous wastes in the next few years. And what'd you know - their expectations are met! But not through the workings of a group of over socialized morons, but through the awareness and actual deeds made by few actual Greenists and Ecofascists - that in media will be given the status of a dangerous "terrorist against the freedom of Democracy".

It's perfect, because it works on three levels: One, individual recognition. Two, political recognition (stems from the first). And three, public recognition. The large mass will read about how the pollutions are being safely taken care of through means that in actuality make no actual impact on the system as a whole. They will nod their heads, read the name of the party that has endorsed this, and during next election put a vote on them. How clever for the greedy politicians in power; now they've managed to fool - not only the open public - but also themselves. However, the fact that Mother Earth still will suffer from their ongoing consumerism, their dangerous experiments and nature-threatening products and unrestrained population growth, does not matter to them - and will ultimately never reach the open public - until it is far too late.

This is a perfect example of how Modern society works; it uses morality to inflict an illusionary system of thought upon minds that could have seen the world through the eyes of clear and honest naturalism. People in the modern world are unhappy with themselves, as their lives have no actual meaning beyond what is given to them through commerce and mass media, and therefore they will forever seek social prestige and personal gratification, through any means possible. This is why the modern society is very strict on preserving equality, as it benefits this notion of social acceptance. When all individuals are ranked as equal according to social morality, there is always an option to congratulate their, in actual view, worthless deeds as "promising", "brave" or otherwise positive. As all individuals and their actions are worth the same, they're all doing something great to help our Nature to survive. This is why the average person always will repeat the golden phrase "Government Fixes Everything" while the world is collapsing in front of his eyes, as he has become blind to the obvious truth; that Modern society is collapsing from within, and that it does everything to assert its importance above the natural system in which it exists. Only those with a clear perception of reality and its mechanism will grasp the problem that lies ahead of us moderns.

If it were within our power,
Beyond the reach of slavish pride.
To no longer harbour grievances,
Behind the mask's opportunists facade.
We could welcome the responsibility
Like a long lost friend,
And re-establish the kingdom of laughter
In the dolls house once again.
For time has imprisoned us
In the order of our years,
In the discipline of our ways
And in the passing of momentary stillness
We can view our chaos in motion
And the subsequent collisions of fools
Well versed in the subtle art of slavery.
- Dead Can Dance,
"In the Kingdom of the Blind the One-Eyed are Kings"

Those with no eyes have no ability to see and when the conditions within a society or nation decreases in quality, even a man with only one eye will be able to view the world in a more clear perspective, than the person that is completely blind to the obvious truth before him.

Social prestige therefore becomes a part of the individual mind and how it views at life at large. It will do everything in its power to uphold and defend its image, and not until it is broken down and seen for what it is, it will continue to plague its holder. This is why dysfunctional "Nature-lovers" never will achieve their goals; they place their social image before actual manipulation of physical reality. Because of the fact that reality does not operate through social validation, all hopes on saving Nature through worthless posters and other naive ways of changing anything, becomes worthless when put in a context of realism.

When a person realizes this and points it out, he immediately becomes a threat to the crowd, as he has courage to state the obvious: work is for us to change something and not to preserve ourselves. It's meaningless to work on a social position based on social merits, when there are more important things to care about. The person, who exclaims this, will not do so for long, as he has interrupted the process of illusion. He has probably also caused emotional tension within the dysfunctional individuals, as they now have to confront their inner fears: their sore ego and lack of realistic worldview. It is like pointing out to Jesus Christ, that his holy altruism is more full of holes than a cheese, as he actually is doing nothing to change the system of thought into something better and more nurturing for the whole.

blind lies rise
eternal sweet fire
one with soul
remains unseen
lickin throne of gold
soul of bricks
plague of deaths
hate rise/fill my eyes
those with no eyes
blind to see (him)
those with no eyes
come feel inside
souls of fate
those with no eyes
blind to see
breath now, worship (him)
remains seen
warm carress of fire
breaks the pulse
close your eyes?
- Antaeus, Those with no Eyes

When these individuals at first will confront this, they will lash out with emotional response, telling you of how they are omnipotent important, and how you just want to ruin their "important" projects that will save the world. If you address the obvious causes for environmental suicide, they will scream out that you are a "mean" and probably "evil" fascist with a view on human beings that is disgusting. Yet, doesn't this prove how failed these people are, when putting focus on humanism, when they instead should be caring about Nature? These people will try to gain everybody's sympathy, as they are they good ones, and you are an inhuman monster, probably hating innocent people for just loving Nature.

Still, in the end, these people get nothing done and their love to Nature is hardly honest, compared to the love for their own ego and social prestige. They feel threatened by your worldview, because an eugenic realises the importance of realism and internal traits. An eugenic recognizes that Nature does not operate through class systems or other types of normalised commerce-driven structures. Instead, the natural order is like realism, brutal and honest, as it affirms strength, endurance and action over emotional response, "Nature-caring" as interest and social acceptance through passive action. It is after this realization that we move closer to the truth of how we must perceive the problem with social prestige.

If you really love this world, embrace Nature and its beautifully complex structure, then you ought to work to uphold and inform about this. You will work with the aim of actually achieve something, and not just to become another "hero" of the crowd that is equal to any idiot or dysfunctional moron living in our world. You will not fear that you will be "bypassed" or "disgusted" or even hated for your views and actions, as an actual change for you is more important than being recognized by a group of followers trying to impress eachother. You will have in mind that many of the great heroes and geniuses with clever ideas in history, first were laughed at, then hated and sometimes even killed, for their standpoints - until a hundred years later when people realized which changes you actually brought forth, and at that point will regret how you were treated.

This in itself is nothing that you should put a great weight on; the majority of people do not and will not understand the current heroes of their time. And even if you may only be another human on this planet, and still be forgotten as such even if your actions will have spoken larger than words, do not fear; it is the change and the greatness that we aim towards. Social recognition is not always negative, as someone of great character and brave deeds, most times will be looked upon by people by awe and inspiration. However, today's social recognition builds on emotional fear, passive actions and a love for ego-trips and money-making. Therefore, deny social prestige and work to achieve greatness for the whole. We will all be forgotten, but our changes will not, as they affect future generations - and perhaps most importantly - that which is eternal.

March 28, 2006

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