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In an age of multiculturalism, political corruption and spiritual decay, brave heroes of today try to win back the ideas of that which goes beyond individual focus. The overall rootlessness and lack of cultural and racial identity, are causing millions of insecure people to strike out at anything and anyone that wish to stay far away from the plastic and materialistic lifestyle of modern society, and return to the wisdom of forefathers and ancient knowledge. Nationalists realize that mixing two unique cultures together require a compromise, where each culture lose its own integrity and therefore in the end will become commercial food for the companies to take advantage of. As such, nationalism today is a very important part of freeing the modern soul from a trapped world, and instead let it engage with its natural roots and "find" an identity carried in blood, not in materials or subcultural lifestyles.

Although nationalism functions as an important way of fighting back against the modern insanities and to slowly but steadily build up healthier sets of ideas and beliefs, it has today relapsed into fragmentized thinking and lost its relevance in a larger worldview. When you attack a complex problem by thinking one easy way will solve it all, you are completely misinterpreting the situation. Nothing in this world is so binary, that we by using one utopian method suddenly can turn things over and present a brand new world of sunshine and loving. It simply does not work that way.

A good example of this is how nationalism today is used. Innumerous nationalist organisations have correctly acknowledged the life-threatening danger and parasitism of multiculturalism, and therefore vividly promote nationalism as means of replacing ethnic conflicts with ethnic separation and preservation. So far, so good. But today nationalist groups also use their ideology to "solve" all kinds of problems. Corrupt politicians? Let's replace them with politicians from our own ethnic stock. Degenerating rap music? Let's create our own equally moronic "hate-rock-music". Rampant violence, rapes and social disorder in society? Kick all immigrants out and we'll be fine.

Nationalism is positive and it would probably solve a lot of today's problems, but to think that all of the problems found in modern society lie within multiculturalism alone, is to make a wrong assumption. Most problems today are direct results of a myriad of unstable, unhealthy and unreasonable ideas that have gained access to the minds of the crowd. This means, that in order for us to create a healthier civilization, we must for look at what has happened, how it happened, why it happened, and how we may solve it. This will require more than one way of dealing with things, and as such, using nationalism as a means of defending a decaying society with rotten ideas, is ultimately to be a part of the problem and not the solution.

Realizing this, different beliefs and ideologies have lately become more and more prominent, in an attempt to forge healthy ideas into a singular unit. The most worthy of these have been beliefs, where important aspects of any healthy culture and society are seen as natural ingredients. One of these is odalism, a unification of beliefs that today may function as replacement for the degenerated and worn out.

Ožila - the sign of odalism

The word "odal" stems from Proto-Germanic "ōžalan", or Norse "óšal", and in simplified terms translates into "heritage", "nobility", "kin" or "fatherland". The Germanic rune ”Ožila”, which also happens to stand for heritage and nobility, represents this symbolism. Odalism is a holy bondage between respect for Mother Nature, love to the Germanic Gods and Goddesses, and loyalty to your kin.

Respect for Mother Nature, means that you as odalist care for and wish to preserve the ancient trees, deep valleys, fresh rivers and beautiful heathlands. You believe that healthy and growing ecosystems matter, and that you cannot separate mankind from nature. As such, the green perspective of odalism is a form of naturalism, where the close relationship between how our natural world functions and how we as human beings function, is part of a continuous natural process. As odalist you wish to preserve and live in harmony with nature, not blindly destroying it for economic greed and material wealth, as seen with modern society.

Love to the Germanic Gods and Goddesses is another important aspect of odalism, and means that you respect and believe in the ancient wisdom passed on to you by your forefathers. You regard the European culture, defined by specific sets of moral and ethical standards, to be of priceless worth. As such, knowledge written down 1000 or 2000 years ago is still alive and relevant to the people living in the modern age. An odalist believes in the ancient Germanic deities and the words of wisdom written down by them through the magic of runes, mythological tales and stories. Gods and Goddesses represent ideals for you to strive toward and uphold. The spiritual aspect of odalism is therefore in compliance with idealism; the belief that the world consists out of ideas and that material and non-material forms of our world are connected to eachother. Idealism, like odalism, claims that the highest moral meaning in a man's life, is to uphold, live and protect ideals.

Loyalty to your kin is a third natural part of odalism and means that you as human being, living and breathing, right here and now, have a duty -- an honour to protect -- to your family, your relatives, your village and your nation. You are a small part of a larger organic unity, where those living next to you share your blood. You are not your own island where your reality is the Official One. As an odalist you realize, that you are part of a holy relation between people that have lived, are living and will live, bond by blood, not only spiritually but also morally and ethically as well. An odalist presents loyalty to his family and his nation. He realizes the difference between races and people, and wishes to protect and nurture his own race and culture. He cannot betray his nation or family, without betraying himself. Odalism therefore takes on a holistic worldview where the whole is more important than the individual.

These three factors cannot be separated from eachother and must, according to odalism, be regarded as one unity, one set of ideas -- one belief. While our physical world is recognized as important, the main focus is put on abstract ideals, which must be lived and protected. Odalism therefore is a form of realism, as it transcends both the ignorance of materialism and the far-away-from-reality-view that beliefs of spiritualism-only present. Realism denies social illusion in favour of a mature and brave lifestyle, as the individual only is a means to achieving things that go beyond material ends. Realism, like odalism, puts the faith and importance on the immortal paths that forever will remain true, regardless of the type of current civilization or social order.

Odalism is therefore a philosophical, religious and metaphysic belief. However, as soon as a society of larger scale is growing, a need for politics is inevitable. It is therefore that odalism equally can be applied into political pragmatism. Any civilization that wishes to remain stable and strong, must take use of different means of pragmatic actions that can be endorsed and fulfilled by a caste of leaders, living up to the often critical tasks of managing castes below ability of leadership and organization. Here we find a very important aspect of odalism, a worthy replacement for the current modern ideologies found in today's dysfunctional consumerist societies, where the highest values dominating are passive-aggressive greed and propagation for social illusions instead of realistic actions.

The care for nature can directly be translated into greenism or environmentalism. In politics, this would mean that preserving and caring for nature is a condition and not an exception. Today the capitalist ways of exploiting natural resources for money is raging everywhere in Europe. Greenism, or the extremely pragmatic version of it called ecofascism, should be a natural part of any political agenda, as without Mother Nature, we are nothing. If nature is decaying, then so are mankind. As nature is, not only a physical system nor an abstract one consisting out of ideas, but a large-scale process of both physical and abstract combined, healthy politics must strive towards preservation of natural resources and ecosystems, as well as promoting a society that can exist in harmony with the natural system - even if it will cost human lives. The eternal whole is within odalist politics more sacred than the temporary material, thus it naturally rejects humanism and individualism.

Love and loyalty to one's tribe and nation, gods and goddesses, form another important part of politics defined by European culture. Although spiritualism probably is better off as separated from politics, it together with the protection of one's own distinctive people reflects the nationalist belief: preservation of culture, race and national independence. Modern society endorses multiculturalism, which eventually will lead to the destruction of biological as well as social differences between cultures and races. Nationalism puts end to multicultural insanity, end to worthless emotional reactionary racism -- end to the myth that two different cultures can live within the same national space without the mixing and eventual destruction of both. Within odalist politics, nationalism is both natural and absolutely needed for a nation and its people to survive, grow and go beyond its present state.

Nationalist organisations today make the error of only putting focus on one aspect of that which is necessary for Europe to break free from the shackles of modernism and retrace its steps back to ideals that are eternal. Free from that which has haunted and plagued it for over a thousand years. Odalism transcends the error made by most modern nationalist groups and replaces it with a full-mature belief system defined by the Germanic people and its ancient traditions. However, and this is perhaps one of the most important things to mention in this article, odalism as a basic belief system is relevant, not only to the Germanic people, but to all nations, all people, that wish to establish a natural, healthy and spiritual connection to nature, its religious foundation and racial roots. As such, odalism is - not the fad of today or the hopeless worship of yesterday - but a bright, inspiring and continuing hope for tomorrow.

May 25, 2006

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