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In our modern society, there are a number of things created, to disconnect the relation between what our minds can create, and what we in practical reality may achieve and take use of. Everyday we face a social construct, which further increases the limitation of our capacity as individuals. In fact, most political, as well as ideological, debates are currently centred on notions that support such an unnatural balance between reality and illusion; "freedom", "equality" and "justice". These concepts are not news for anyone that's been following the course of modern politics, neither for those who through existentialism, have been trying to tackle the great questions of our Earthly life.

Now, what these concepts all have in common, is that they are constructed as a form of absolute thinking, where binary choices in life, automatically are supposed to guide us into what is absolutely wrong, and perfectly sensible. Of course, for most people, this can't get any better; you pick one thing that says "OK" on it, take a closer look, see that it's alright, and follow that. It simply can't get any easier. The first mistake made already at this point, is the confusion between internal and external. For even though our minds are connected to our bodies, not everything is really what it seems to be.

Take for example the supermarket. It’s filled with toys, fast food, nice looking clothes, hip music, exciting movies and ongoing commercial TVs displaying the latest product. You see crowds of stressed people, running around like crazy automated robots, searching for the fast food for tonight's dinner, the toaster that'll make your mornings a heaven you've never witnessed before - it's all there. Right there, in front of your very eyes. To put it simple: you've entered the modern paradise of material living.

When you as a nihilist stroll around in these long halls of plastic products, cheap smelling burgers and ill-sounding pop music, you never fail to notice the behaviour of other people. So delicate, so unknowing, yet they know exactly what they want. Or do they? You walk past a shelf where a family is thinking of buying a new steam iron. They have eight ones to choose between, and you can already see the sweat growing on their pans; "but this one is $20 more expensive than the other one...I can't believe it". "Right, it looks exactly the same as the other one". And so the modern man flips the product around, takes a closer look at it, investigates all colours, names and placements of plug, switch and container. Yes, it's true, they look exactly the same - how can they still differ in price?

The family turns to a shop assistant, asking him to try to figure out what's going on. Oh no, he can't understand it either. "Really, there's no difference, no need to worry". There, you hear? No need to worry. The family takes the cheaper version and runs off to the next shelf, in search of a new enlightening product. The nihilist picks the two boxes up, doesn't even glance at the product itself, but instead starts to read the product information. Turns out the expensive version had a better filter. What'd you know?

This is exactly the kind of paradox that fools the modern man; he cannot see the difference between choices, as he's used to the same old thing, only in different outfits. Two things look the same, but are they really the same? Of course, people take the cheapest and easiest way to salvation, there's no other way...except the wrong ways, the forbidden ways, the ways that do not coincide with the freedom they currently are enjoying. And this is ultimately the most frustrating thing for the modern man to accept; his life, his family and his society, is in slow but steady decay, yet, there's no other way, and this way is supposed to be the best, so why change direction? Why choose a steam iron that's more expensive, but looks the same as a dumbed down and cheaper version? For god's sake, give us the cheap steam iron!

What makes us afraid of the actual choices, is the disconnection between our physical and abstract existence. While we fear the consequences of a materially delicate living, we instead compensate that with an increase of social constructions - concepts that do not affirm, nor accept, the physical boundaries of our earthly life. We, as nihilists, wish to call this the social boundaries of modern man. It is a reoccurring process, and not simply a thing that now and then takes place at supermarkets. Surprisingly, most fall for it, thus enhancing and strengthening the illusion of a binary way to Salvation.

These social boundaries consist out of lucid and vague promises like "freedom for all" and "justice to everyone", and are used by the government, to control and keep the large mass of people in shape, in control. By letting people think that they are free, and at the same time make clear and distinctive examples of what is not okay and not according to the absolute concepts, society becomes a large bubble, trying to exclude all outside workings, such as the natural ecosystems, reoccurrences such as suffering and death, and socially demonized groups like neo-Nazis and terrorists. In short, society imposes on us, a way of life, whose very basic ground, is founded upon illusions, where social boundaries dictate out limits as individuals.

What transpires from this is a growing trust and belief, in what lies ahead of us, and a large mistrust and hate, towards that which we do not understand or cannot explain. And since most people's opinions and beliefs, are directly connected to eachother, it does not take long before a majority of a people have begun to divide their perception of reality, into binary visions of "okay" and "not okay". What follows, is a fear towards anything that appears as dissident and not socially acceptable. We all carry these thoughts and ideas inside of us; "he told me that multiculturalism cannot work, thus, he's a nazi, and hate Jews", "she claimed that democracy was not the perfect solution to our problems, is she a nazi too? Why does she hate so much?” People rely on their socially constructed realities, even though their beliefs eventually contradict the mechanisms of reality. They become isolated within a shell of illusions, created only by themselves, through the workings of the influences around them. Locked up inside their minds, they are trapped, and will not find a way to escape.

Imagine the terror, the passive sorrow, of seeing how things become worse and worse, yet, all alternatives being demonized as "wrong". While this is going on, they repeatedly are exposed to the massmedia, informing them on the latest news, the latest troubles in society, and how these political and social concepts, are working to fix them, and setting it all straight again. Yet, nothing happens - everything remains the same. But as most people are not leaders, and most people cannot perceive truths further than what their eyes can, their belief in "freedom" remain as a valid argument and concept. "But I can say and do what I want". Of course, this is not true, but for someone who has not explored and broken through the social boundaries of one’ own illusions, a concept such as "freedom", is impossible to disprove as invalid. You will never be able to understand what's on the other side of the wall, until you climb up there yourself and take a closer look at what’s really going on. And since most people prefer the easy way of living, easy way of dealing with things, they never become subject to the question of resistance - of enlightenment. They remain the same all through life, and if someone knocks on their back, it cannot be anyone, but death - and death alone.

Still, it makes people angry and upset, to watch how the entire society is degenerating in all aspects possible. When people start to become aware of the problems we as modern individuals actually face, along the way, they turn their backs on the methods that could lead us in another direction. These methods are to them, something that is not acceptable, not "okay", as pre-defined by their social boundaries, created by no one but themselves. "Everyday, I watch more and more crazy laws about 'equality' being pushed forward, so that the native people living here, do not 'offend' the immigrants living here as well. It's simply crazy". "I agree. How about voting for a nationalist party?” "NEVER! What's wrong with you, are you some kind of neo-Nazi? Get away from me". As soon as a method of reaching a goal, to change the way we currently live, becomes important, people start to react emotionally, as they come in conflict with their inner selves; they realize there is a choice, an alternative to the current madness, but as they are kept within social bars, locked up forever, their choice becomes a non-choice. Their choice is for freedom, but that freedom is restricted to what's already going on in our society.

As soon as a modern individual is faced with an actual alternative to the current order of society, a number of things come into play:

a) Emotional response
b) Repetition of social boundaries
c) Ignorance
d) Helplessness

The emotional response is the brutal realization that life isn't dandy, and thus, that effective methods also are not dandy. A clash is created, between the current passiveness of accepting things as they are, and the consequences of what could happen, if a change was to be worked upon. Then, the individual begins to repeat all pre-programmed ways of responding to alternative choices; "that's not what it looks to be, it won't help me", "no one does it, therefore, it's not working", "if I try to work on that, it may cause me harm" or the ever popular "I read in the newspapers/I heard on the radio/I saw on TV, that it's bad for us". Immediately, the individual has managed to find different ways of justifying a means of returning into a state of passiveness. When it all comes down to it, there's nothing wrong; multiculturalism is positive, we just need to be more tolerant. Democracy isn't perfect, but it's the best system humankind has created, so let's work on it more. Globalism is not bad, it let us exchange products and explore more diversity. Jobs are good, because you need money, and with money you can buy food and clothes. Actually, the TV is not as bad as you think, because you can watch daily news, and even listen to concerts. I don't want a change, you're a threat to this society - you're "not okay"!

Even for the little mouse, deciding to hide under a fallen tree in the forest, the fox eventually finds his hiding place, and knocks on the door with his paw. Yes, it is reality wanting to get inside, please let it in, or you'll die. Next follows the helplessness, where the social boundaries define what one could do, and not do. One sees the problems face to face, but knows that nothing can be done, as all alternatives are demonized. It is a continual process, which goes from (a) to (d), returning to (a) again. This is the truly paradoxal in remaining passive; as you don't change the situation, it can only get worse. It does not help to repeat political dogmas, moral "truths" or social illusions - reality remains the same. You like multiculturalism, as long as you live in a neighbourhood with only native people. Democracy is fine, as long as you don't pay attention to the problems around you. Globalism is fantastic, when you sit at home with Chinese lamps, thinking diversity is the best thing in the whole world. Jobs, you like your job, because it's better to work and have cash, than to be homeless and not even have a place to stay, you reason. And TV, who doesn't like a relaxation after work, bringing you important news, as well as some entertainment to laugh and smile to - TV's great. When it all comes down to it, it's not simply the individual himself that is creating an illusion - he lives inside one!

People do not realize that, as they are in the process of justifying our course towards self-destruction, while preventing other people to cause an actual change. Put simple, they become a part of the problem. In reality, all people that do not help, but remain passive, are parasites, whose only need is defined by individualism. "That does not concern me, therefore, it's not my problem". In a society, everything is linked. No one lives in a private island, surfing around on waves of "freedom" and "justice". There is no freedom, no justice for all - only ways of leading people in this or that direction. Our collapse is inevitable, and to a nihilist, even more so. He recognizes the fallacy of the modern man, where internal and external become separated, although the former wishes to control the latter - something which can only lead to more problems and more confusion.

When it all comes down to it, social limitations are ways of creating justifications for not acting upon that, which is the best choice to make. All those who complain but do not work, are a part of the actual problem. If you know something's wrong, and that a different course of action has to take place, your only solution, is to act upon your realizations. Don't force upon yourself social boundaries that serve no actual purpose. Don't mistake outside for inside; even though they are intertwined, you must analyze and separate them, in order to not get fooled by the cover. Not everything in this world is what it seems to be. After so many years of lies, empty promises and cheering words that mean nothing, you should know. You - modern man - you, of all people, should know, that Salvation is only to be had, when working towards it. When freeing yourself from that which has kept you locked inside yourself for so long.
You can never escape.

From the moment you wake up
You cannot feel free
There are so many things in this world
You can't see
Just don't keep on leaving
Your dreams behind
Have a heart to see you'll get
Trapped in your mind

It’s like an impurity in your mind
Furtive ruin that
Hails from behind
Get rid of the demon
That darkens your sun
Go on... go on...
Leave no deed undone!

You don't really depend
On material plight
And the way you live...
It is simply not right
You just have to get rid
Of your own demands
Fight against yourself
For a second chance

No escape
Every further step you'll ever make
Will drive you on to me
And I will set you free

Sometimes it's so easy
Just to be scared
No one promised
Your life would be fair
There’s always a reason for you to run
Away... with me... leave no deed undone

Wolfsheim / Leave no Deed Undone

August 10, 2006

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