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American Nihilist Underground Society

Frequently Asked Questions

nihilism logo and nihilism symbol

What is the American Nihilist Underground Society?

We are a loose-knit collaboration of writers, artists, programmers, sculptors, musicians and philosophers. We share a vision: that by removing human perspective (judgment, values, purposes, morals; what Nietzsche called "knowing") we can see the universe as an abstract design and appreciate the beauty of reality. Our goal is the rebirth of civilization through culture instead of commerce or moral dogma.

What is the history of A.N.U.S.?

ANUS was started in 1987 by Spinoza Ray Prozak and Chromatic Death, with L.B. Noire, Royal Flush and The Innocent joining one year later. From 1987-1992, ANUS ran a series of highly celebrated free speech/non-taboo bulletin boards that attracted hackers, metalheads, activists and artists.

After several run-ins with the law and others who found the idea of non-taboo/free speech/free thought disturbing enough to censor it, from both left and right, A.N.U.S. regrouped as we tried to find a way to explain our vision. Eventually, the thought process of our founder -- a somewhat unique interpretation of nihilism -- grew into a full-fledged philosophy which we have been trying to explain ever since.

From 1991 to 1995, A.N.U.S. maintained an internet presence through an FTP archive, overlapping a web server from 1993-1996 that was later supplanted by the anus.com domain name. Since 1996, A.N.U.S. has continued growing at its current address and has been busily offending newspapers, governments, wikipedia and keyboard warriors alike.

Why is A.N.U.S. controversial?

The truth is never completely pleasant, and therefore is socially unacceptable. We embrace truth and rush it at whenever we find it. This includes scientific and historical truths which are taboo at this time, psychological truths which unnerve us, and most of all, the idea that "other worlds" whether religious (heaven) or secular (morality, "progress") are bunkum. In doing so, we attack the illusions most people use to keep themselves from becoming more neurotic.

Why do you use big words?

It's an investment of faith in our readers. Dictionaries are free online and cost a few bucks in a store. Words are fun to use and are a kind of power that can help our readers get ahead in life, and we know they have the intelligence and dedication to learn to use them well. So we don't dumb down our content or our language, because that would be saying, in effect, that we expect our readers to be too lazy and stupid to figure it out. Any writers who think that about their audience need a career change, doubletime.

Why do you support trolling?

In a time when almost every public statement is a lie or partial truth, people are conditioned to the comforting lull of the illusion. They don't like to see anything else, because that would mean they are living a lie, so they tune it out. Unless, of course, you shock them into seeing it. Trolling is one of many tactics we enthusiastically endorse.

What other things should I read if I like the content here?

We recommend our list of influences.

Are you atheists?

We are transcendental idealists. Atheists generally are anti-dualists, meaning they don't like the idea of another world outside of this one where some mystical pure state and omnipotent being exist. We agree that such a vision is un-scientific and poorly conceived, and to that degree, we are atheists. However, as transcendentalists rather than dualists, we do find spiritual meaning and even "God" in the world, or rather in the patterns that emerge from its organization and design.

What is nihilism? What is parallelism?

Nihilism is the philosophy that there is no inherent value, purpose or morality. Parallelism is the scientific form of philosophy that takes over once nihilism has removed the illusory human projections that help us lie our way through the illusion.

Why did you name it A.N.U.S.?

Absurdism is the hardest type of humor to create or appreciate because it requires both audience and storyteller to be acutely aware of reality, and as a result, to see how it is absurd or what would be out of place. Our fundamental idea is that the anus is as holy as the mouth, because both are needed for life, just like both positive and negative are needed to create the groundwork on which life rests. Like a yin-yang, the anus/mouth duality represents our search for harmony beyond what appears "safe" and "good" to human beings.

Where can I find banners?

Try our banners cache. It helps us every time people see these out there on the net.

What does the A.N.U.S. "nihilism symbol" represent?

nihilism logo and nihilism symbolA tree, in rune form, because trees are the ultimate nihilists. They recognize reality and their powerlessness in it. They see no point in bloviation, neurosis, dualistic religion or morality. They simply grow toward the sunlight and do the best they can. When death comes, they accept it. For all we know, they are more intelligent than us. They are spiritually perfect beings that recycle carbon dioxide into oxygen, enrich the soil, provide food and shelter to many species, and basically keep giving and ask nothing in return. Do we worship trees? At A.N.U.S. yes, yes we do.