We are the people who chose function and design over social morality and appearance. We do not care about your individual lives; we care about life as a continuum, and we use whatever methods are necessary to raise its design to higher orders. We are not interested in popularity or being "good," nor do we care about being "evil." We recognize these divisions, like all other morality of the herd, to come from personal instability and fear of being insufficient to the task of life. Instead, we challenge ourselves and hope to better ourselves by throwing our best efforts at the task of bettering our world, a constant process that does not require the world to be "evil" but recognizes it as an order that can always be improved. We reject your fears, your populism, and your measurement of our external factors. The future belongs to the brave and disciplined and knowledgeable, and our goal is to reach that state without being constrained by your insecurity.

Read our prospective manifesto here.


Regular HAQR meetings - first Friday of every month, after the 2600 meeting at the Galleria.

Next HAQR meeting - December 25, 2005 at Goat's place.