Raw nationalistic black metal in a somewhat older style gravitating toward a more violent future.

flag of Australia Urgrund - Drenched in Blood (2001)
Drenched in Blood

Production: Flat rough sound.

Review: Using majestic structures of successive harmonizations forming streams of absurdly logical melody instantiating an underlying context to quickly changing ripping speed riffs under which beats a marchlike backbeat of contrarian violence, Urgund fuse the potential for black metal to have sonorous beauty in chaos through a style similar to that of Gorgoroth, Graveland or Rotting Christ.


1. A Path to the End (0:54)
2. Drenched in Blood (4:51)
3. Bringer of Damnation (3:05)
4. Oskereien (3:58)
5. In Apocalyptic Ruins (3:22)
Length: 16:12

Copyright © 2001 Spikekult

Guitars form streams of sound from notes and two-finger chords which combine in demonstrations of relative motion through the building of melody through notes finding similarity in progression as a means of structure, forging multiple layers of percussion, vocals and bass into the remaining space as a counterpart to continuity encouraging spiteful dissidence.

Hewn from the chaotic lineage of metal, Urgrund sometimes include jarringly rock-n-roll elements to their music and sometimes rely on their rolling rhythm alone to transfer song continuity, when it does not serve as well as a melodic presence in crossover. Some of the appeal of this release is its directness and violence, with an atmospheric chaos to its delivery of tones in sequence; its reasonable instrumentalism used conservatively for effect and not for the sake of a particular instrument significantly balances the release.

As surging blasts of tone go this release vanishes where it has appeared, after bringing classic black metal patterns forward evolutionarily through augmentation to the denser textures and heavier rhythmic emphasis of post-1996 blackmetal. Where the rock-n-rollisms do not become ludicrous, this release is power uncoiling itself from an abyss of clarity in darkness.

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