A German death metal band that put out two ambitious albums before half of the band died in a car crash.

The Essence

Production: Fairly caked and compressed but listenable.

Review: German metal brings one of its strongest comers ever to the death metal scene. There is a clear musical presence and sequence of ideas working here, with some of the best-played and most coherently composed metal this heavy I've ever heard. These tracks vary between pretty complex and well-plotted death metal and stupid, but well-played, intros and the like.


1. Invisible Truth (4:54)
2. Sense of Death (0:59)
3. Sinister Seduction (4:37)
4. Woice of Power (6:06)
5. Terminus (1:26)
6. No Rest in Peace (4:26)
7. Between the Urges (6:39)
8. The Essence (6:02)
9. Cry of Madness (5:06)
10. X (0:36)
11. Traces (7:09)
12. Lost Souls (2:52)
Length: 50:54

torchure the essence
Copyright © 1993 1MF

The music moves with the rupturing force of a Bolt Thrower, although played more definitively with less expansiveness and more focus on nailing the chords into potent riffs and tight-ended structures. The name is stupid and the intros and instros are terrible, but there are eight tracks remaining of curare metal on this album.

BLACK   |   DEATH   |   HEAVY   |   SPEED   |   THRASH   |   GRINDCORE

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