One of the last bands to capture the majesty of the original modern black metal explosion, but in a grinding and blasting reductive death metal form.
flag of the United States Sarcophagus - Requiem to the Death of Passion (1997)

Review: In the transfer of black metal from an edge phenomenon to a mainstream existence, many forgot what made black metal epic: its alien and often inscrutably simplistic and nihilistic texture, hiding the tendency toward disconnected but complementary fragments of melody forming a majestic and sweeping vision of its spirit. Arguably death metal band Sarcophagus return to this vision in blasting, violent roaring death/grind that would almost immerse its melodic counterpart were it not for the traumatic insistence of its broken drive.


1. From the Ruin of Paradise
2. The Dark Lord of Impurity
3. Requiem to the Death of Passion
4. In Silent Death
5. Of Fires Surrounding All the Heavens
6. Bastard Sons of Ignorance
7. Infernal Supremacy
8. The Pagan Battlefield
Length: 35:18

sarcophagus requiem to the death of passion
Copyright © 1997 Nightfall

Sliding melodies and what can only be called melodic extrusions, where a phrase answers another in a different "key" to emphasize modal complement in the similarity of structure, sensu Havohej or Incantation in a more melodic, lead-riffing style of metal, form the basis for songs which also include blasting and rigid power-chord anthemicisms, stating a groundwork of relevance in multiple genres of extreme metal. Storming basswork supports the charging wrath, while a sequence of silvery cymbals skitters across the racing pump of blasting kick and snare. Through it at an almost conversational offtempo rant, the hoarse call of distorted scream guides the breakdown.

Reducing songwriting as other components to an enlightened functionalism supports this band in making a sense of complement, and motion, but not distinctive structure to the musical experience. Another great minimalism is near-monotone of vocals, which works over these heaving textures of sound and rhythm that are this music. Its simplicity hides a powerful sense of placement, lucid and bellicose riffs, with a technical but directed sense of the dark art.

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