Well-rooted in the popular tradition of black metal but distinct for an uncannily classicist sense of melody, Sammath continue the black metal spirit in violent but populist tradition.



Review: Positioning elements of harmony in counterpoint to melodic direction in song Sammath achieve a landscape view of spatial tonality through the meshing of themes in narrative songs which explode circular structures through transitional material in which melodic structure is revealed before its digestion in the next sequence of interconnected cyclic evolutionary heuristic process. Using exuberant keyboards sparsely this music punctuates "grand" scenarios of musical exchange with a sense of the nihilistic and windswept minimal in tremelo strumming of thematic growth in longer phrases.

Violence merged with decadence, and mood coalescing in a delicate sense of melodic buildup and deconstruction, create foundations for ambitious epics of balanced ripping speed and exploratory phrasing which finds in the basic tonal shape and return structure of the harmonic interchange of a particular moment and song, through understanding of balance in motion of continuity through architecture joined with modal coherence, a space of development and symbolic change in fundamentals of theme to suggest narrative change.


1. De glorie van het slagvefd (5:13)
2. Zwaardbroeders bij de bergengte (5:51)
3. Strijd (7:06)
4. Drakenbloed (5:07)
5. De heidense vlam zal branden (4:02)
6. Als duisternis de kasteel torens bedekt (3:39)
7. Met de strijdbijf in mijn hand (4:32)
Length: 35:31

sammath strijd on folter records 1998
Copyright © 1998 Folter

In this language of texture and motion motifs reflect ventures from a sudden nothingness to coherence in an ambiguous but sensible state, moving within in abrupt reconfigurations of structure based on revelations of core progress of idea; this completes a metal ideal of merging the most explosive sound possible with a balance and logicality forcing a confrontation with chaos, ambiguity and the perceptual balance of the user. Geometric in the framing of motion through space between an initiation and possible resolutions in tone, these melodies change focus within an ecosystem of separate motions so that the force of action follows a new direction inherent but unknown as ascendant within protean shape evolution to that point.

Like a good detective novel, this music uncovers unexpected possibilities forming a better mapping of an obscure situation under investigations, making tunnels of melodic exploration venturing from a central point of choice or variation, reminding the black metal enthusiast of Emperor or Summoning. Instrumentalism is reasonable and percussion accurate and streamlined. In thunder and light, as well as a refined sense of riffwriting and howling shrikes of vocals that exactingly inflect details of mood variance into expanding phrase, the music of Sammath brings to black metal a new hope and power.

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