Blasting death metal influenced grindcore continues the minimalistic extremity of what was once hardcore punk music.

War Criminal Views
Morbid Records

Production: Bass-intense and gratingly overamplified thunder produce clarity and edges on the simpler music within this record but sometimes lose complexity to noise wash, while preserving a mechanically-precise drum sound under an indiscernible sludge of guitars and bass.

Review: Not groundbreaking grindcore Nyctophobic have integrated the standoff pacing of blasting death metal to essential power chord riffs in the style of Terrorizer or Agathocles to liberate this hardcore fusion music to the kind of pulsing counterpoint vocal-lead verses that made death metal famously annoying, cadenced beats layering vocal emphasis upon corresponding military drum and guitar rhythms. The consistency impedes complexity but increases tension through thundering iteration of riff layers.


1. Earthrise
2. Horrid Truth
3. Inner Manipulation
4. Access Denied
5. Jehovah's Liars
6. Fundamentals
7. Rapid Eye Movement
8. Suffer Life
9. War Criminal Views
10. The Pain of a Conquered Being
11. Racial Hierarchy
12. The Remaining Silence
13. War-Seeds
14. Responsibilities
15. Denial
16. Destructive Ignorance
17. Theatric Symbolization of Life

Copyright © 1996 Morbid

Gutter-throat voices puke out violence and angst under this slamming, roaring, rising tempest of organic retribution and discontent. The comprehensive vocal cadencing textures different parts of the song with an overtone that makes their monotony essential, almost overbearingly lucid; any rhythms not dominated by that are sliced out by guitar, a rigid drop-hand blast of anticipatable but satisfying conclusions. Compositional unity is achieved by rhythm, and shakily sometimes at that, as part and creation of an overall behind the scenes blood-pumping tempo that unrelenting carries much of the atmosphere that fits Nyctophobic into the range of simple grindcore or death metal with a world to imitate.

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