Frenetic whipping maniac metal from Mexico that approximates the stylings of Vader or Slayer and makes within it a rough-cut but logical form of metal.

Blackened Images
JL America

Production: Garage ashen tone with forward drumsound.

Review: Turning the energy of a whipping wrist slashing out streams of power chords in tremelo union toward a melody hidden behind an often chromatic rhythm guitar with more intent toward patterning than looping tonal conclusion, Mortuary fuse a blend of metals into a Slayeresque banter of electrically charged freneticism in speed and tonal oscillation. In this respect these hearty Mexican metalheads approach the work of bands like Massacra or Vader in organic motion of a highly defined pattern language of ideas.

Although elements of creation such as the percussion and rhythm guitars do not distinguish themselves by indulgently technical flair, the areas where exact intricate playing emerges direct focus toward effectiveness in a structural reflection of overall pattern tendency and tonal range in this highly modal but often dynamic speed/death metal styled music. Morbid vocals drag a carefully distorted timbral counterpart to rhythm through the songs at an even chant, accentuating structural variation or consistent lulling rhythm but not both in an effort to keep an undulation of varying texture in rhythm supporting song development.


1. Abyss Angel
2. Sickish Disease
3. Sacrilegious
4. Asphyxiation
5. Reign of Dead
6. Blood Storm
7. Rites of Death
8. Blackened Images
Length: 28:53

mortuary blackened images 1992 jlamerica - one of the best metal bands from mexico
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In concept geared toward a post-Slayer renovation of occult imagery, the band stress these concepts with prolonged and perceptively invented introductory patterns and overall song arrangements mirroring the poetic development of each song in image, lyric and sonic texture. Hoarse vocals carry both melody and rhythm by understating and enwrapping them with synergy toward a frameless motion emerging from within the natural tendencies of the music. In that, similar to both Sepultura and Massacra, these works use streams of melodies in counterpoint to develop harmonic expectations fulfilled by melodic implication in preceding phrase evolution over the course of several iterations, allocating tone centers dynamically with multiple directions potential in harmony at all times.

Its construction solid and its basis in ripping speed established, Mortuary places direct variation of form within the context of cyclic songs deriving emotional impact from repetition and serpentine variation. Tasteful and prescient in use of melodic resolution in interpreting hypnotic simple riffing and shifts in overall pattern narrative and song segmentation, yet also rippingly listener-addictive music with an attitudinal desire for fast and dramatic dynamic motion in tone and vocals, this band surge forth with the potential of analytical metal driven by a passion for the infinite.

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