Midwestern death metal with all of the freshness of a hybrid between epic heavy metal and do-it-yourself punk reinvention of music, with progressive touches in lead guitar and song structure.
flag of the United States Morgue - Eroded Thoughts (1993)
Eroded Thoughts

Production: Characteristic of early 1990s production, this loud-percussion example might be more appropriate for a speed metal band, in that separation between the instruments is sufficient but sacrifices bass and loudness in guitars.

Review: With characteristic American panache this instrumentally advanced band attempted to capture the dramatic weight of heavy metal with the punk attitude of early death metal, resulting in an album that like a fusion between Deceased and Malevolent Creation stages inexorable riffing in the midst of simple rhythm verses and noodling but purposeful lead guitar.

1. Coroner's Report
2. Random Decay
3. Repulsive Death
4. Plagued Birth
5. Severe Psychopathology
6. Personality Conflict
7. Eroded Thoughts
Length: 31:44

Morgue Eroded Thoughts 1993 Olympic
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Vocals, reminiscent of Asphyx with a more clipped enunciation, offset the drumming that leads these compositions. Heavy metal patterns are given the rhythmic treatment of punk hardcore and allowed to carry verses through simple structures that lead into choruses, and as if inspired by Iron Maiden make instrumental breaks into transitions before reiterating themes. Tempos cascade in layers of both intensity and detail, with variations on pattern filling linear tempo alterations.

Many of these riffs evolved from the punk or heavy metal canons but adapted through minimalism are used to sustain a rhythmic surge that drops in a method reminiscent of Deicide into a countering cadence, giving a surreal flavor to these descending patterns over which lead rhythm guitar accents the dominant motif -- usually a modal stripe inflected to a rhythm built on continuance of cadence more than expectation. While there is a lack of the distinctive flavor that qualified more popular bands, the essential quality and spirit of death metal is high here and strengthened by the progressive tendencies of the guitarists, reaches a depth of articulation other bands would do well to emulate.

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