This split CD came out on a punk/grind label and was thus overlooked by many, but for the essential musical qualities one can find within such deconstructed music this is superlative.
flag of Mexico Monastery/Anarchus - Mutilate the Corpse/In Partibus Infidelium (1993)
Production: Of the grinding garage variety.

Review: Forward driving music in the more aggressive tradition of American grindcore, varying melody in different expression of riffs in different speeds, manages a thrash version of simplistic opera which brings mostly chromatic riffs into a space of rhythm where their constant cyclic motion of tone can be directed toward its own perpetuation and thus drive the music. The familiarity of the resulting patterns allows these songs to become a soundscape of background texture which manipulates itself via changing direction and emphasis of both sustaining and concluding rhythms, instantiating a grindcore valueless void of sudden impact and dissolution.


"Mutilate the Corpse" (Monastery)
1. Mutilating
2. Monastery
3. Suspicion of Destiny
4. False Prediction
5. Ripping Terror
6. Monastery (Part II)
"In Partibus Infidelium" (Anarchus)
7. Money for God
8. Fatality of Human Fate
9. No Fear to Sin
10. Supreme Creation
11. 500 Years of Infamy
12. Canonized
Length: 29:05

monastery/anarchus mutilate the corpse and in partibus infidelium 1993 slap a ham records
Copyright © 1993 Slap A Ham

Coordinated assault of rhythm and converging, chromatic riffs that almost devoid of melody become pure motion in both the whipping speed of their creation and the change of tone in consistent increments to suggest direction, as muted in chromatic tones or expanded in whole notes. Very much like a deadened form of hardcore in this regard, it relies on heavy repetitive strumming and percussive breakdown underneath seething shriek of high-end tones. While contiguous in its melodic formation this release unifies its songs by rhythm and makes from aesthetic, a grinding sense of chaotic and unfathomable structure.

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