Three grind bands try their hands at blazing fast and rigorously underground music.


Production: Grinding abrasion cloaked in fuzzy distortion.

Review: Mesrine - rumbling deathgrind which uses a constant bombastic pace to establish a firm sense of theme upon which rhythmic deviations expand a chaos of riffing and textural layering through multiple instruments. The vocals alternately spits a single scream of syllables in a moment or howls incomprehensibly alongwith the surging blast. Reminiscent of a more deathgrind Carbonized.

Traumatism - bouncy hardcore with grind influences fuels the most primitive angst of this band, a rigid diatribe of guttural vocals and quickly moving phrases that fly over a landscape of even intervals at high speed or a surly, organic midpace. Drums are notable for their delight in messy variations of standard patterning and there is a tasteful amount of micromelody in these riffs.


1. Clifford Orgy
2. André Gagnon
3. Jean-Paul Mercier
4. Moe
5. David Harker
6. Marc Dutroux
7. Rantanplan
8. Skinner
9. Marirwana
10. Outrageous Strangulation
11. Stupid Pedophilliac
12. Necrocoprophageus
13. Who`s care(Filthy Christian)
14. Psychopathic Orgasm(live)
15. Suck or Die(live)
16. Denial
17. skit
18. War criminal views
19. Jehova`s liar
20. skit
21. Rapid eye movement
22. Access denied
23. skit
24. Inner manipulation
25. The remaining silence
26. skit
27. Horrid truth
Length: 40:50

mesrine/traumatism/nyctophobic 3 way CD
Copyright © 2000 Ablated

Nyctophobic - here in a haze of distortion unmatched by previous releases, this band can be seen as a fusion between melodic hardgore and extreme deathgrind that delights in pummeling cascades of exploding riff patterns. The opened-throat of self-sacrifice ranted in these vocals matches a righteous strident pace and rigorous, basic division of the scale into even paterns.

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