Underground death/grind from the brutal streets of L.A.

Leprosos Satanicos

Production: Bassy garage.

Review: This old style band have nailed the rhythms successful aggression music, as if masters of an invisible pit before the infernal fire of noise. Carved from the obvious elements of simple power chord composition, these pieces seize a rhythm and impact it in your brain with a supporting synchronicity of polyrhythm distributed throughout the rhythmic elements of the band.

Few underground acts at the demo tape stage handle arrangement this well and even fewer have this presence of relentless urgency. Vocals are processed-sounding (or perhaps distorted by handcupped mike technique) and low rasping, a growl like stirring under water.


1. Hijos de Satanas (3:08)
2. Pinches Hipocritas (2:23)
3. Lepra (2:10)
4. Pactos Diabolicos (3:00)
5. Muerte Sangrienta (2:28)
6. Te Saco La Mierda (1:20)
7. Cuerpos Desechos (2:53)
8. Las Putas del Infierno (2:52)
9. Por La Señal (2:31)
10. Leprosos Satanicos (1:45)
11. Dios de la Obscuridad (3:03)
12. A Chingar Tu Madre (1:31)
Length: 29:06

lepra from los angeles with their grinding death demo from 1995 called leprosos satanicos
Copyright © 1995 Tank

All lyrics and titles are in Spanish, deeply blasphemous, and often regretably hilarious (como "Las Putas Del Infierno" or "A Chingar tu Madre"). But between the thunderous counterpoint of these guitars and the unrolling rhythmic presence of the drumset's many counters, a conception of darkness is created that however ludicrous expresses the essence of its distress and vengeance.

The simplistic pieces sound like door chimes and these are recognizable mutations of patterns from the canon of death metal and grindcore, but this is intensely rhythmic material with potential if it can exceed its ludicrous excesses. Lepra, 7341 E Pellet St, Downey, CA 90241, (310) 927-2963.

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