Old style fast and crepitant black metal with incantation vocals and march tempo aggression.

Incense of Rest

Production: Recorded in a trailer buried underneath a sewage treatment plant.

Review: Few anchors hold judgment of truly rudimentary music; it is difficult to find anything to say that is not criticizing the medium and not the particular music, as to the outside eye they are indistinguishable. However in these primitive and simplistic rhythms and relative motions in a world of simple elements, there is a deep and violent power communicated.

The music is like most black or death metal an assortment of power chords, but here the demons fight in the conflicting rhythms of guitar and drums, harmonic noise lumping by in a frequency of iteration played in both chord changes and strumming speed. Structures while simplistic are random enough in their thrashy arrangements of pulling apart and then assembling a main riff to convey the psychotic and un-lifelike projection of this music.


1. (Intro) Chat of the Unholy Victory/Whispering in Tears of Blood (4:21)
2. Incense of Rest (3:39)
3. Encounter in the Deep Shadows (2:55)
4. Visions of the Pagan Lord (6:27)
5. Meditation Before the Kill (1:44)
Length: 19:08

Copyright © 1996 Defiled

This EP of five songs (and two psychotic interludes/intros) might be better served as poorly pressed vinyl imported through some dubious arrangement of deceitful labels. There may be no artistic, spiritual, or social value to this stuff but for those who enjoy dark and primitive blasting black metal like faster Sodom, with the touch of death/grind slow rhythms and abrasive riffs, this is a worthy contribution to the lexicon of abrasive textures and deranged daydreams.

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