A band that recorded this album in 1991 and finally released it in 1994; old style Swedish death metal like Nihilist, Entombed, or Unleashed.

We Hail the Possessed...
Review: Do you get off on classic death metal? Power chords blasted like strips of caps in a toy gun, rage and thunder in a nihilistic incarnation of dissent. Itís simple like hardcore with heavy beat patterns and gutteral vocals, destructive structures banging the frustration of a suffocating world into the skulls of the unwise. With this kind of metal you either achieve a balance of perception with it and appreciate it for the simple pattern variation and synchronized rhythmic placement of structural statements. Similar to classic acts like Entombed, Dismember, Unleashed and Master, Hetsheads bash out high speed simple tunes with catchy choruses and mideval interludes between blast beats. Scratches that really simple angry music itch, but might not be for those who value complexity, harmony, melody or tastefulness. Repulsed Records - P.O. Box 50562/28080 - Madrid/Spain

Copyright © 1994 Repulsed

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