Split CD from two lesser-known grind bands in the brutal and antimusical category.
flag of the United States Hemdale/Exhumed - In the Name of Gore (1996)
In the Name of Gore
Production: Reasonably clear while maintaing the tumescent bassiness of all good brutal music.

Review: Two blasting spectacles of low-tech noise brutality wrought from a raw stream of power chords. Hemdale provides murkier creeping grind that saturates with dense simplicity as a form of revenge, and Exhumed is faster grind closer to Repulsion with substantial influences from old Carcass. Neither provide exceptional angles into the genre but both represent it well. Exhumed, in a death metal styling, provides flowing speed riffs over blast beats next to flailing chaotic interrupted drumming, finding aggression in the sweep of its cycle from aberration to denial. Hemdale find a purer voice of grind and bring a churning rhythm of their own with its own savage and obscene moments. If you love grind you will enjoy this; Exhumed for its evolution and Hemdale for its beautiful regression.


1. Delicious Gory Fun
2. Pus Filled Carcass
3. Overflow
4. Bathing in Mucus and Bile
5. Tasty Hemorrhoidal Tissue
6. Brutally Mauled Human Remains
7. Succulent Torso Crescendo
8. It Burns...And It Just Plain Smells Bad
9. Are You Pornophoric?
10. Demented Surgical Incest
11. Artificial Masturbation
12. Licking Mental Patients' Cum Off the Sheets
13. Curse the Gods
14. Horrendous Member Dismemberment
15. Septicemia (Festering Sphinctral Malignancy Part 2)
16. Masochistic Copramania
17. Necrovores: Decomposing the Inanimate
18. Disinterred, Digested, and Debauched
19. Bone Fucker
20. The Naked and the Dead
21. Necro-Transvestite Torso
22. Dissecting the Caseated Omentum
23. Death metal
Length: 53:05

split cd by hemdale and exhumed
Copyright © 1996 Visceral
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