Midwestern death metal in the Cannibal Corpse style of percussive intensity with complexity expressed rock n roll structures rendered in death metal technique, backing gleeful tunes about brutal topics of intense perversity and sadistic violation.

Bleed For Us To Live
Red Light

Production: Clear and bass rich.

Review: Gutted unite the dissonant elements of hard rock and intensely blasting percussive death metal into a jubilant, resounding, and explosive music which like older metal builds itself around hook and chorus, but like newer material uses an intricate perforation of muted power chord blasts to code out its internal balances. Descending vamps of shuddering chord collision format perception for the engaging rhythm and bizarrely sensual ruminations of murder to follow.


1. Bleed (5:58)
2. Sins of God (4:16)
3. Nailed to the Cross (3:51)
4. Cold in the Coffin (5:04)
5. Chopped up at the Altar (3:41)
6. Death Before Dismember (5:45)
7. Chock Full of Guts (4:32)
8. Skeletonized (4:37)
9. Kickin' the Corpse (3:35)
10. Flood of Blood (3:38)
Length: 44:59

Copyright © 1994 Red Light

Low, heavy vocals, accompanied by relentless blasting drums and chugging, vomiting riffing alternating with oddly uptempo and bizarre interludes populate songs with buffers of conflict in pure rhythmic voice, yet technical rock-studied variations in chord voicing and song construction offer a harmonic placement lacking in most of the genre. With this comes a self-indulgent humor that lusts for yet laughs with the grotesque, finding in its relish of the repugnant a delight for life itself.

In its core not far removed from the bouncing tirade of Exodus or other late model heavier edge speed metal bands, the music of Gutted forges complementary pairs of phrase which form the pitch differential to be manipulated in the sparse but central evolutions of song that occur. Its strength is its insistent motion and hook, yet its instrumentalism maintains a surreal atmosphere of deliberately insane music, infusing resurgent energy into this traditional band competitive with death metal technology circa 1993.

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