Fast and simple hardcore-y black metal band, with more raw and fast than contemplation but engaging rhythms.

Lead Us Into Darkness

Production: Although not loud and of somewhat deadened tone this production nicely overlaps instruments for harmonic distortion resonance without destroy their signal, creating a vaguely atmospheric but mostly lucid audio environment.

Review: Very simple conclusive modern black metal that shows its roots with some older metal power-chord riffing that pays tribute to a Venom or Bathory. Vocals are surprisingly similar to the hoarse ghost scream of Burzum but serve more of a cadence-inducing role than a rhythmic counterpoint.

Guitars are of a standard black metal style without the really fast strumming; moments of fast strumming produce melody but for the most part the guitar strumming is on walk beats or in downstroke finality support of the riff's major contours.


1. Spell of the Witchdemon
2. Unholy Gates of Limbo
3. His Eyes Burns Hate
4. Nar Morket Faller
Length: 14:18

Copyright © 1996 Necropolis

No element is noticeably complex but their relationship in relative arrangement is startling as this band manages to produce a non-coherent journey out of their seemingly random transitions, which work together through emphasis of implied rhythms rather than overt ones.

This subtlety is not the whole of the composition but more an inferred style; no new ground is broken here and the major problem with this work is its predictability. Power chords trot in synch with a rhythm and a vocal pace but follow their component orders faithfully, making composition more like a game of Tetris sometimes than a language.

But all instrumentation is competent and the ideas are distinct enough to give this band a style, so it is with appreciable skill that they assemble their material at very least. However even in that appreciation it is recognizable that no metalogic drives this material, which is mostly aesthetic, as is revealed by the sheeplike title.

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