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This label isn't bad; they're cheap and generally reliable. The release of Ildjarn's "Northstar," sold as a full price but containing older versions of 20 minutes of material, burned a lot of us on the integrity of this mailorder/label, as did their failure to contact the artist about the releaseSOURCE. However, otherwise they appear to be reputable and orders arrive quickly. CDs sell for $10-13 each including US postage.

Update: I placed my last order on February 27th, 2004, and it's now April 8th and there have been no replies to the two emails and one "personal message" I sent via the FMP666.com bulletin board.

Updated: It is May 15, 2004. The order placed with Full Moon Productions on February 27th, 2004, has finally arrived, in excellent condition. FMP was kind to throw in a Fluisterwoud promo along with catalog. This restores much of my faith in this label, although it took an exchange of 11 private messages on the Full Moon Productions forum to get it sorted out. Thank you jon/thorns at Full Moon Productions for resolving this issue.

Because I am already getting email about this, for those who must know, here is the full story on the Anus.com/Full Moon Productions postings on USENET:

Full Moon Productions claims I've ordered only once
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2039 Roxburgh Court
Lakeland, Florida 33813
tel (941) 644-8664
fax (941) 701-9309
P.O. Box 6040,
Lakeland, FL 33807-6040.
tel/fax 863 644 8664


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