CD Universe

CD Universe
101 N. Plains Industrial Road
Wallingford CT 06492-2360

v: 800-231-7937
v: 203-294-1648
f: 203-294-0391

The last order I placed with this firm arrived in five days, perfectly packaged and professionally labelled. Like, they have a wide selection of popular and classical music, even extending to a fair amount of below-the-mainstream death metal, black metal, synthpop and trance ambient. Unlike, they take PayPal and are less interested in playing games with coupons and "free" shipping than they are in presenting a solid, well-reasoned service centered around getting the music to fans with the least amount of fuss. If you know what you want, and don't need all the customer reviews that Amazon and others have in abundance, CD Universe is often a cheaper and much faster way to get the CDs that you want.

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