A doom band with Dutch and English members, seems a powerful combination of musical and aesthetic elements.

flag of the Netherlands Creepmime - Shadows (1993)
Mascot Records

Production: Relatively clear, ample enough room although nothing outstanding.

Review: Creepmime emerged in the midst of a trend explosion in gimmick doom metal but injected an actualized vision of songwriting, backing it up with technical skill and experience, ensuring they will not only outstrip similar acts but will also be almost totally ignored by the mainstream death metal/doom metal market for being too little "jagged" and too much self-confident.

1. The Fruits of Ill Virtue (5:13)
2. A Serenade for the Tragic (5:32) mp3 sample
3. Suffer the Shadows (5:59)
4. The Way of All Flesh (5:48) mp3 sample
5. Chinese Whispers (6:56)
6. Soon Ripe, Soon Rotten (7:01)
7. Gather the Shattered (5:50) mp3 sample
8. My Soul Flayed Bare (5:38)
Length: 47:57

Creepmime - Shadows: Doom Metal 1993 Mascot Records
Copyright © 1993 Mascot

Melodic but oddly dissonant, abrasive and experimental approach to songwriting works with a style that is less rock 'n roll as much as pure heavy metal, and adds elements of complexity and interest to already well-written tunes, with less of a traditional doom emphasis on hooks as much as a focus on good core material. This means that songs progress like death metal songs, with each new "scene" bringing a different melody and structure related to the whole by rhythm and harmony, but nowhere is there a lush familiar chord progression attached to a bouncy rhythm to pull in the punters.

Songs are longer but one never gets bored: there's not the absolute emphasis on repetition we've come to expect with doom, more like an understated gothic and doomy styling to heavy metal played in death metal technique and with the sensibility of underground technical death metal. Unlike technical bands however, the focus here is on telling a story in song. Very dark while very musical. Produced by Patrick Mammeli of Pestilence.

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