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When the sun rises in another world, perhaps we look differently upon ourselves, and perhaps upon the whole world. Imagine that.

Imagine that we, with a huge metaphysical palm, could grab two individuals from our present world, and place them in a bubble, where only their consciousnesses remain – they don't have to care about food, or sleep, or anything like that at all – and we tell them that within this bubble, they will live until they die (or whatever their consciousnesses do when they cease to exist). They can't see us, and we can't see them. So, in the bubble the two people start to chat - of course, they'll need mouths for that, so let's say we give them telepathic skills - and among the first things they'll come to understand is that our rules, expectations etc., can no longer influence them. No matter what they say or think now, it will have no consequences for them or anyone else.

Then you can imagine how the two of them all of a sudden would make light of all those things we know as taboos. You almost have a feeling that they start talking and thinking freely and happily and humorously about all those things, which they, in their old world, had to be very, very serious about. Imagine that all "Hitlers" and "Treblinkas" and such words or names are possible to speak of, without having to add something like, "Now, all of that is, of course, absolutely aaaaaawful, but…", before one has even started to talk about it. Now it doesn't matter, they dare everything and more.

And you can then imagine how these conversations in the long run develop into criticism of that old world, outside the bubble. And into new ideas. "Hmm, this and that could easily be changed, how difficult can it be?" And so they realise that while they lived in the old world, those thoughts never really surfaced. Not only that you didn't dare talk about it with others - you didn't even dare think it. It was as if this heavy yoke lay on the brain that said: "Hey, you can't think that!", long before you had the idea. But now, when they're in the bubble, the ideas gush out from everywhere, and they start to develop whole mental blueprints for an ideal world, without all those hindrances that proved to be only drivel, which not a soul dared ignore earlier on. Too late now, they're in a bubble!

But so the bubble bursts, and the sun rises. The end.


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