Tribute to the Metal AE

Metal AE 201-879-6668 - this was a true blue AE line that was around for like 5 or 6 years and was ALWAYS busy. Had all of the original cDc and other bizarre text files, occasionally some new Apple warez.
from issue 34 of phrack magazine

the metal ae shown on the screen of an apple ii+

It will be impossible for me to assess the importance of the Metal AE, as it crossed so many boundaries. One of the first sites for intelligent metalheads to meet, it was also the first lyrics and tab archive for this unique genre. Where most metal information is corporate pablum, it was one of the few voices with a zeal for heavy music. No ads, no morality, no religion, and no rules - it was flaming lawlessness on the digital frontier. If you were able to cobble together a primitive computer and modem setup, and maybe phreak a couple k0dez for the call, you could find relatively recent Apple ][ warez, textfiles and a rudimentary message system consisting of uploaded text files with "from" and "to" information in their filenames.

There was nothing more exciting than dialing this system "back in the day" and getting on, because it was often busy, then poking around to see what had been uploaded. Sometimes the strangest thrill could be had from logging to another 143k disk drive than the default, knowing that on the lesser-visited reaches of this board often the most interesting stuff appeared. War dialers, tiny term programs, hacking utilities and operating system patches. Rare interviews with Metallica and Slayer, back then "the heaviest shit" anyone had ever heard of. The Metal AE was a great place for all of these.

the metal ae shown on the screen of an apple ii+

Metal AE (201) 879-6668 pw=KILL

An example file from the Metal AE:
Hacking Into Hell

Some places where the Metal AE gets historical mention:
cDc interview
A brief history of some hacking.
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Its official death notice :(

A short listing of files referencing the Metal AE:
(Note: this article may have been inspiration for this site.)

the metal ae shown on the screen of an apple ii+

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