Jesus Christ was like all Christians and Jews a liar and swindler who needs to be brought to justice through the total extermination of his ideas and his followers

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Embezzler

Wanted for forgery of spirituality through deception, corruption of youth and old alike through absolute and unprovable promises, assault of common sense and moral courage, removal of social values and construction of false alias, and more. SUBJECT IS NOT ARMED BUT IS HIGHLY DANGEROUS.

Do not accept any offer from this man, or anyone like him. Two millennia of suffering and hypocrisy have been accepted under the pretense of Judeo-Christianity, which is that an all-powerful father figure rewards those who do "his will" while justifying their personal sins, resulted from his last contact with humanity.

A $20,000 reward has been tendered for information leading to the capture and extermination of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Contact: The Few Sensible Ones, PO Box 31033, Alexandria, VA 22310.

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