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Dispatches: Fear Of The Semite

Fear Of The Semite June 5, 2017 Modern people fear what they know will replace them. Their knowledge comes from a faint but constant awareness of their own weaknesses. Usually, they doom themselves with unrealistic behavior, all while looking for someone else to blame. The West fears Jews because they know that, unless we alter our course from mercantile democracy and diversity, we will end up like the Jews: a mostly-Caucasian tribe with an Asian maternal line and mixed random bits of other commercial tribes. Once you are mixed, you cannot go back, and it will take thousands of years to hammer out the confused heritage of your people and put them back on track. As a society fails, natural selection goes into overdrive. It removes those who need stability and order, and replaces them with people who are chaotic and driven by their desires. It selects for those who are good with money and naturally verbal, as well as possessing superior abilities to understand and manipulate others. When it is all done, you have a race of brilliant shopkeepers with no souls. This is what democracy is doing the the remnants of Western people, having killed off as many as it could in the wars for democracy (Napoleonic Wars, WWI & WWII). Now it is filtering out the sensitive, perceptive, prophetic, insightful and introspective and replacing them with a raging herd that cannot exist without constant distraction and fetishes. We are at a disadvantage compared to any population that has already been through downfall, and thus is optimized to live in these chaotic and neurotic times where the only skill that matters is manipulating people for money. Compared to Asians or Jews, we are newborns wandering through a wasteland, conscious of the fact that we are aliens here. White people cannot adapt. They do not support those among them who have abilities that could lead to the restoration of social order. They are fiercely competitive and enjoy the failures of others because they see that (mostly correctly) as to their own advantage. They work hard because they think this is a positive value. Unfortunately, they are working hard on nonsense and make-work. Their customers, clients and coworkers are all fools. They spend their days solving fool problems if they are competent, or if incompetent, creating them. For most people, work is a social exercise and a chance to be a big shot, so they screw around with irrelevant stuff as a way to demonstrating their importance. All of the monkeys screech and howl at each, each proclaming himself an individual above all others. When the hardworking but competent person comes home, he or she is in a foul mood. They have spent all day having their irreplaceable minutes of time on this Earth wasted away and fritterd away by fools, neurotics, scammers, dunces, opportunists and imitators. They then encounter their families, and treat them exactly like hostile competition, the other side in a lawsuit, flaky employees or coworkers who need to be shoved out of the way in order to get anything done. This is why white people are dying out: they abuse their children, instructing them in self-destruction, and those kids then wander off and do nothing with their lives, since their highest goal has always been to escape the family and mellow out while they heal, which usually concludes after their breeding days and best earning years are over. We are mulching our best into dysfunctional, angry people. Jews and Asians are adapted to the nature of living in a failed society. As a result, they nurture their kids, even when they are hard on them. "You can do it," they tell their kids, while Europeans tell their children, "You are good for nothing." It is not hard to see who will inherit the future.