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Dispatches: Rise Of The Middletons Worldwide

Rise Of The Middletons Worldwide June 4, 2017 Kate Middleton appalls many of us. Her family acquired their money by selling party products to fools. They are not attractive, have no grace, and lack depth of mind. And yet they are the ideal of our society. As a society is born, it has purpose. Its goal is to establish itself. It does everything as a means to that end, and adopts some habits and methods that seem to achieve that goal. Over time it becomes wealthy, and then those who sell things take over. They do so because they gain money and with it challenge the kings, using the church and other political factions as their tools. The goal of the merchants is always to acquire more. They are products of moderate intelligence plus uncertainty about direction, and they substitute for that with a limitless avarice for wealth, power and social status. To them, any power above them is unnecessary and unwanted. They do not understand it; in their view, if everyone just settled down to working hard and earning money, civilization would magically work out just fine. For them, the only morality is appearance, and whatever it takes to become successful is benevolent. We called them the bourgeois back in the liberal days and it makes sense to resurrect this term, or note that they are the prototypes of the Nietzschean Last Man. They do not care about heritage, culture, civilization, values or excellence. For them, everything is a means to the same end -- wealth, power and social status -- and so whenever they get "deep" or "different" it is just posing, a type of posturing that allows them to advance themselves. Every philosophy that is floating around in the public is a bourgeois one. Democracy paralyzes society so that people can harvest more money from the fields; libertarianism transfers control directly to the shopkeepers, circus owners and party store suppliers; liberty, equality, justice, freedom and tolerance are just terms for most of the same of those. Democracy and liberalism together convert societies into big open markets where the lowest common denominator always prevails. The only solution is a purge and a confiscation. A strong aristocracy can own everything, including that which they did not invent, to keep the lesser monkeys from screwing it all up. And every generation, we must purge those who reveal themselves to be empty, so that in the future our genome consists only of those of a higher mentality than the merchants. These people wreck civilizations.