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Dispatches: Social Media Finalized The Death Of The Internet

Social Media Finalized The Death Of The Internet June 2, 2017 A few years ago a working farm opened up near me. These are farms that are open to the public, but show you how that exotic class of human beings known as "farmers" actually make food and survive without Amazon Prime™ accounts. The farm came about because a farmer allowed school groups to witness the slaughter, breeding and care of animals. Then they wanted to see how the potatoes were planted. Now tours of the fields were added, including a visit to the manure pile, where tourists could genuflect and debase themselves in order to assert humility, which always pleases the crowd. Soon the tours became more valuable than the farm output. They came from the cities -- doctors, plumbers, lawyers, carpenters, architects -- looking for a way to school their children in a way of life that had passed into history, hoping to bestow "authenticity" to a life defined by conformity, products, political correctness and public relations. They wanted an escape from the transactional life of the city, and an insight instead into what life is like when results in reality matter more than what other people think. In this way, the needs of the herd overwhelmed the realistic nature of original human behavior. The farm became a stage, and soon a gift shop appeared, and then there were videos and public image adjustments. Reality was forgotten and replaced by the human, as happens with every homo sapiens endeavor when it is about to fail. Humans love posturing and pretending. For them, to act like a farmer is to be the real thing because that is what people in their social group react to. They have no concern for being accurate, only for having other people nod and acknowledge them as having achieved another milestone on the path to greatness. Social media is the same thing. No one can tell you are a dog on the internet; via social media, however, you can be whatever you want. Ignore that failed marriage, day job in a cubicle, and personal ineptitude. On the social media internet, you are whatever you can project. Starting in 2007, the internet permanently shifted to the mobile device consumer audience, which means that it plunged far below the 120 IQ point minimum required by the old internet. Before Eternal September, the internet was limited to those who had demonstrated competence. After that, the herd began coming in. With the rise of Google and Facebook, the herd dominated the internet. This merely showed to us the need for hierarchy and aristocracy: if left up to the Crowd, every human venture degenerates to the lowest common denominator, and whatever makes it exceptional is lost. Social media is democracy with no standards: whatever herd shows up, and whatever majority emerges from the midst of it, takes the day. It is the equivalent of the audience for a circus or tent revival deciding our future, and in the case of social media, they choose our path by excluding anything that is not popular. Following that pattern, social media selects lies over truth. It prefers what most people want to believe is true over what is real according to the best minds we have. It is the triumph of the herd in denying reality so that each member of the herd may pretend to be a king, hero, genius, artist or inventor. On the other hand, this means the rise of an underground within the internet: the sites that cannot be found by Google, will not show up in your news feed, and will be censored by Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. The is the underground internet, and it is rising as the utility of the public internet plummets since it is now designed for and populated with the same people who watched a lot of daytime TV in the 1980s, like the poor, old, housewives, cube McJob slaves, mentally ill, physically broke, neurotic, intoxicated and lonely.