American Nihilist Underground Society (ANUS)


Sodomize The Weak

Why did we name it ANUS? To shock: people fear death, and do not realize that both anus and mouth are needed for survival. Feces reminds us of our frailty and lack of control over life. As enlightened (hah) monkeys, what we desire most is to control. We want power over our own lives, so that our wishes and whims are more important than the necessary constraints of reality. We want control over others. We want our wants to be enforced. Most of all, we want to be gods, even though we are still monkeys. Our desire for control makes us individualists -- narcissists, solipsists and egoists if you prefer -- who believe we are more important than the world itself and its order, which we deny has a long history of cause-effect events which make it perfected according to efficiency, resiliency, stability and continuity. Instead, we assume that it is a fellow monkey and that it wants to control us, that it is wrong, and that we therefore are victims who need to revenge ourselves upon it. Only a few of us, maybe one to five percent, rise above this state. No matter how "mature" someone is, they engage in this type of thinking. Nihilism is the antidote. It removes human wishing, feeling and judgment from the picture. It denies that innate truths, communication or values exist, because these are human adaptations and as such are not shared universally, but rank us in the hierarchy that we are desperate to ignore. These dispatches chronicle the last days of a species that by all rights should die out, but has its defenders in a group of creative visionaries who see what it could (not "should") be and want to reach for that instead of succumbing to the default of entropy. Only death is real. Who dares wins. "Formula for our happiness: a Yes, a No, a straight line, a goal."