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24 10 10 - 04:31

Brief rundown of the insanity: "freedom" means having no goal. Having no goal means not adapting to reality. A nihilist discards all nonsense, and realizes his or her only obligation is to reality. What works is what wins. Morality, herd guilt, passive coercion and the pleasant delusions of the human brain are irrelevant.

Of course, most of the world sees it the other way: our collective impressions are the most important, and these are what should dominate, because we're all here. That will never change, right?

“It is certainly the worst coral die-off we have seen since 1998. It may prove to be the worst such event known to science,” said Andrew Baird, a principal research fellow for James Cook University in Australia.

The coral bleaching extends from the Seychelles in the middle of the Indian Ocean to the Philippines in Southeast Asia and encompasses much of the Coral Triangle, an area scientists refer to as the “Amazon rainforest of the seas” or the most diverse marine ecosystem on Earth.

A mass of abnormally hot water which moved into the Indian Ocean several months ago is behind the bleaching, according to the ARC report. - CNN

Blaming global warming is a good career boost these days, and Mr. Baird knows this. The article is too sparse to tell us how this water got warm, so we assume it's global warming. If you're like me and believe humanity is slowly consuming its environment on many fronts, and that global warming is just a symbol, this article is gratifyingly amusing.

And we're finding out that interracial dating is retarded:

I always thought the men who date me do so because I am an open, good hearted person who is fun to be around. Now, I am starting to believe that it has nothing to do with my personality. It has nothing to do with my intellect. It has nothing to do with any characteristic that makes me who I am. Instead, it has to do with my race.

I fought against this idea for the longest time. I did not want to believe that the partners I have been with were buying into the “white is right” idea foisted upon them by this society. But, when I hear the same thing from a million different sources, I have to consider it. So, maybe I need to stop dating Black men. And since I am not attracted to white men physically, mentally, or emotionally, that means I would need to stop dating entirely.

I do not want to contribute to weakening the Black community or the Black family. - Blogger.com

Mature insights, there. You cannot escape race, or deny race, any more than you can deny any other attribute of a person's being. It is our dream that people are just souls, not physical bodies, and so we're all "equal" in value -- which means each of us is always guaranteed 100% to be accepted. But we're both bodies and souls, at the same time. We can't just deconstruct that relationship and wishing, make it so. Instead, we need to accept it. If you're in an interracial relationship, race is there in the room, with all of its politics and history and biological differences. If you're in a monoracial and mono-ethnic relationship, you face none of that. No surprise that more divorce pursues interracial unions.

From the clever-monkey-no-donut files:

In a recent study by Gothenburg University, published in Svenska Dagbladet, 22 percent of all Swedes want to abolish the monarchy, up from 15 percent six years ago. The Swedish writer Goran Hagg recently proposed in an interview with TV4 that the king should be elected in a public vote. - CNN

If you can't come out and say that you want to destroy the monarchy, just backdoor it. What do you call an elected king? A president. Why would you bother to keep using the term "king" for that person? To ensure the monarchy is destroyed.

Swedes, as some of the smarter people on earth, are easier to mislead -- smarter people will spend hours/years/centuries trying to analyze and find the meaning in bullshit, where the mundane mind will just assume it's bullshit because the mundane mind assumes everything is bullshit, and move on. So they terminate their royals, liberalize their society, congratulate themselves and then drink themselves into a stupor, wondering why with all this progress they are still miserable.

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