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Middle class idiots

18 10 10 - 20:54

Josef H asks:

can you elaborate further on why the middle class is essentially made out of idiots?

I think what I said was "middle class idiot babies," which implies that some of the middle classes are idiots, but I'll bite on this one: many of our middle classes are idiots. Not as idiotic as our poor, or our useless socialites, but still, idiots. This is because the American and European dream has been one of prole conquest: I, the former serf whose previous highest function was shoveling shit into sandwich bags, can join the dream by getting an education and working hard!

It used to be that middle class meant you had to have some brains. Now you just need to leave your parents' hovel, take out an assload of student loans, and get yourself some kind of degree/certification, then go to a job and not get fired. Not be good; just not get fired. Don't offend anyone. Don't screw up anything too badly. Be very sociable and keep people thinking you're harmless. Over time, they incrementally promote you. Betting on this, buy everything on credit. The ponzi scheme is that millions of sheep are following you, so that house you bought which is close to but not in the city will double in value and you can eventually retire, all without having any kind of functional brain.

Most jobs are glorified clerking, and politics of course, and most people are doofuses living on their credit cards (or in Europe, on state aid supplements) who have no idea what they're doing, but they're doing it every day, so we pay them and promote them. That is what proles think is a fair meritocracy. If you show up, you get money. Nevermind whether you're effective at anything; the rest of those people who have more than you do can subsidize your obese incompetent ass.

Not all middle class people are doofusians. Not all poor are, but it's very few who are not. I'm sure there's a smart socialite out there -- well, actually, if you're independently wealthy and do anything except go into hard academia to advance humanity's knowledge, you're probably useless mental cabbage. But the great majority of people now are idiots, mainly because by putting proles in charge, we allowed them to state a preference for tolerance of idiots over demanding competence -- and so now, we're awash in idiots.

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