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Trolling the doofus modernist in its lair

17 10 10 - 20:17

Slate.com, one of the internet's largest repositories of "let's fix the world from our armchairs by hiring people to pound square pegs into round holes" doofus lower-tier college-"educated" peon modernists, is soliciting us for suggestions on how to reform the American classroom.

They've discovered that the classroom is basically similar to those a century and a half ago, and they're wondering why. Why God why? Why are spoons, books, shotguns and chairs still the same?

I mean, can't we add some fancy new-age faggotry and trick them out real good, while continuing to avoid the actual reasons why Johnny can't read, and then feel good about ourselves?

I submitted this proposal which is sure to be a winner:

We need to stop treating kids as a one-size-fits-all proposition.

I propose we create tiered content for kids so they never get bored, and divide the classroom into three areas that converge on a central area to discuss this.

The three tiers I suggest are: normal, collegiate and post-graduate tracks.

Normal is for people who will probably have jobs that do not require a college degree (IQ up to 120). Collegiate is for your low 120s, and post-graduate for the 125s and above.

This will make sure each student gets learning materials tailored to their attention span and abilities.

You, too, can tell them the joys of anti-egalitarianism. Allahu Ackbar! here

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