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Rise of the Crypto-Troll

17 10 10 - 19:55

The crypto-troll: those who take delight in confounding or confusing mods, and prompting anti-idiot intolerance, by posting messages that look like they came from a useful idiot but are in fact designed to tax our patience.

Examples -- these may be actual idiots, or crypto-trolls, but I favor the latter:

Ikea is fantastic! Such wonderful designs, modern and stylish. Excellent value for money. Why else is it so popular? A home isn't a home without some smart Ikea furniture or furnishings. - DailyFail

Whenever God wants me to have a baby I will name her either Cape, Eloise or Cila (really love Cila Elizabeth, my middle name) and if its a boy I will name him either Wilmington or Ronald ( Ronald is my brothers name, love it!). Hope this helps!! - Blogger

Check out the names thread for a great WTF trip between actual idiots and people fucking with the idiots by listing stripper names for their middle class idiot babies.

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