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Telegrams from life itself

17 10 10 - 19:36

Life is like a lake: on the surface, everything seems placid; underneath, there's the machinery that supports that surface, including some very savage predation and billions of micro-organisms digesting everything they can find.

Why would life not be like a lake? We'd like to think we're special and different, that all of evolution stopped after us because we're not glorified monkeys, we're little gods in suits. Yeah, not so much.

The Mexican billionaire, who Forbes still lists as the world’s richest man, said in 2007 that he could do more to help fight poverty by building businesses than by “being a Santa Claus.”

“The only way to fight poverty is with employment,” he said. “Trillions of dollars have been given to charity in the last 50 years, and they don’t solve anything.”

As for the Giving Pledge, he said: “To give 50%, 40%, that does nothing,” Slim said. “There is a saying that we should leave a better country to our children. But it’s more important to leave better children to our country.”


Oh my god -- did he just endorse eugenics?

Yes and no: he endorsed soft eugenics, or breeding more good people, instead of subsidizing idiot so they can breed recklessly because they're human too, man.

In this feverish pre-election season, last month it was America's Muslims taking the heat as the anger of a volatile and unhappy electorate bounces from object to object – with the furore and protests over the "Ground Zero mosque", an attack on a New York taxi driver and other ugly incidents around the country. This month, it seems to be open season on America's gay and lesbian community.

Well, how very interesting! People are getting angry at others who aren't going along with their plan! Why do you think that is?

Yale Professor George Chauncey has heavily researched the relationship between homophobia and economic instability. In his book Gay New York: Gender, Urban Culture and the Making of Gay, Chauncey examines how a poor economy can lead to a "crisis of masculinity", and discusses the effects of the Great Depression on gay culture.

The Guardian

The usual leftist horseshit: everything will be JUST FINE if you just spread the MONEY around.

The reason this issue is coming out in this debate: we're in the midst of a culture war.

Newsflash: people like to live around just like them

If you want to live a normal life, you don't want anything that leads your kids from that plan. Not alternate religions, not alternate sexuality, not drugs and not weird rock-n-roll lifestyles. In particular, you want to shield them until their early to mid-20s, when they can start making some decisions for themselves. (Note to parents: that age is now more like 30, since kids are angry at their lack of childhood and so are prolonging pseudo-childhood into their 30s.)

It's not homophobia, stupid. It's a desire to live with people like them, in a country like them, so that their parenting works out and their kids grow up to be like them -- which shows that they have put thought into their path through life, and eliminated other options. If you're a mother bird, you don't want your little birdlets growing up thinking they're voles. It just doesn't work.

Here's some stereotypical British vapidity:

Most shocking of all, perhaps, was the story concerning three men held hostage, assaulted and sodomised by a Bronx street gang called the Latin King Goonies as "punishment" for their perceived homosexuality (http://www.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/10/12/new.york.hate.crimes.case/index.html).

This is just drugged out. On one side, we have the American right saying "we don't want homosexuality in our communities, at least publicly." On the other, you've got black and Asian gang members beating up (and sodomizing!) homosexuals. There's no correlation between these events except in the delusional mind that sees they fit the same category, if you skew all categories to be defensive and binary:

Tolerant / In-Tolerant

Caring / Un-Caring

Equal / In-Equal

Who would believe that kind of oversimplified fairy tale? Liberals, of course, because they're the tailings of industrial society -- people who have no idea how a society produces wealth, social order or progress, demanding what looks like progress, what looks like justice, etc. but never is. They are useful idiots for demagogues to manipulate, and nothing more.

More media vapidity:

The seventh tip is that a man should never ask a woman how men she has slept with, as this shows that he is suffering from insecurity. - TOI

From the culture clash again: the above is what liberals and sluts want you to think.

Sluts want you to think they can make bad decisions, blow 10,000 idiots and sleep with 1,000 dolts, and then have you love and care for them just as much. This is why they're all divorced, or miserable and cheating, in their 40s. They have no concept of love and fidelity and so lack what is required to form a long term attachment. As a result, they create a hellish environment for their kids, who grow up wanting to rape/kill.

The truth is, a man should ask a woman how man men she's slept with. Let's bring back competition into dating. "You gave your hole to 1,000 dolts? Well, over there is another honey who has given it to only a half-dozen, so she's probably more valuable. Just like a Mercedes is more valuable than a Buick, or a diamond more valuable than lead, rare things show importance and value. Sluts don't."

The liberal rejoinder is inevitably "have fun not getting laid then!!11!" My response is simple: if "getting laid" is all you have to list for your accomplishments in life, shoot yourself. You're a semi-sentient sausage, not a person with a soul.

From the "Hurr Durr, PhD" files:

During the three decades after World War II, for example, incomes in the United States rose rapidly and at about the same rate — almost 3 percent a year — for people at all income levels. America had an economically vibrant middle class. Roads and bridges were well maintained, and impressive new infrastructure was being built. People were optimistic.

By contrast, during the last three decades the economy has grown much more slowly, and our infrastructure has fallen into grave disrepair. Most troubling, all significant income growth has been concentrated at the top of the scale. The share of total income going to the top 1 percent of earners, which stood at 8.9 percent in 1976, rose to 23.5 percent by 2007, but during the same period, the average inflation-adjusted hourly wage declined by more than 7 percent. - NYT

Yes: if you get a sudden burst of wealth, like from the biggest wartime economy ever created, you can either invest in things that perpetuate that economy, or invest in things that distribute money (entitlements).

And the largest rising segment of government spending since 1945? Entitlements and payments to citizens.

So what happened? We stopped putting our money into the trickle-down, top-to-bottom order, and instead started handing it out on the street. Not surprisingly, that money goes into things that earn no further money. Fast food. Rent. Booze. Entertainment.

Once you've done that, who profits but those who pander to the proles? Entertainers, fast food, Coca-Cola, you name it. Your society has inverted itself from rewarding good behavior, to rewarding idiocy.

Thanks to your liberalism, America, you sabotaged your own economy.

More from the Eugenics files

Drug addicts across the UK are being offered money to be sterilised by an American charity.

Project Prevention is offering to pay £200 to any drug user in London, Glasgow, Bristol, Leicester and parts of Wales who agrees to be operated on.

The first person in the UK to accept the cash is drug addict "John" from Leicester who says he "should never be a father". - BBC

Predictably, the official Defenders of the Prole -- who are usually trustafarians looking for purpose in life and finding none, since they have no ambition and not enough wit to apply themselves to something less dramatic but equally important, like say water quality -- are outraged, but the outrage is slimmed down from 1992. In fact, it's barely there by those standards. We're all tired of the endless surging population of clueless people who leave stuffed diapers in parking lots, set their homes on fire with incompetence, send money to Nigeria to get rich fast, etc. If we're going to give them tons of money, let's at least make sure they don't fuck up further.

Causes and not Effects, Volume 29

Siegfried Rotthaeuser and his brother-in-law have come up with a legal way of importing and distributing 75 and 100 watt light bulbs -- by producing them in China, importing them as "small heating devices" and selling them as "heatballs."

To improve energy efficiency, the EU has banned the sale of bulbs of over 60 watts -- to the annoyance of the mechanical engineer from the western city of Essen.

Rotthaeuser studied EU legislation and realized that because the inefficient old bulbs produce more warmth than light -- he calculated heat makes up 95 percent of their output, and light just 5 percent -- they could be sold legally as heaters. - JAHOO

Idiot wisdom: something is bad, ban it.

Wisdom wisdom: if something bad is happening, we need to study why and then change that.

We have a light problem. We're six months away from having cheap LED bulbs. CFLs are a fail. Incandescents are favorable because although they burn a fair amount of energy, they're cheap -- so you can't be put in the poorhouse by vandals smashing your lights, or guests jacking them from hotels. They are a simple, mature, effective technology.

Until that situation changes, we're stuck with incandescents. A $2 LED bulb would change everything, and a government subsidy could lead to the R&D and more importantly, mass purchasing of such items to get them down to that price.

But instead, We The People demand action! So we get a law! Making more bureaucrats, more rules, more laws and more legal action! But we took action God damn it!

That's what happens when you put proles in charge of your democracy. Maybe it's time to go back to allowing only white males over 30 who own their own homes to vote.

God's Order is Equality, like the Liberal NWO, so we fight nature

More from the staggering stupidity of people who should know better files:

Buck said he believes sexual orientation is a choice.

Buck went on to say, "I think that birth has an influence over it, like alcoholism and some other things, but I think that basically you have a choice."

Bennet jumped on Buck's remark. "I absolutely believe he's outside the mainstream of views on this," said Bennet. - WP

I immediately dislike Bennet: "other kids won't think you're cool if you say that, and you'll eat lunch alone FOREVER!" What an emosexual.

But Buck should know better. Homosexuality is many things; it's genetic in many people and in the rest, the result of rape. When it's genetic, however, it's a bad news sign that something went wrong in the gene recombination and expression process. If you're nature, trying to make a new human and something goes wrong, you make sure they're not gonna breed.

Unless of course, some well intentioned Christian idiot comes along saying that all people are equal and we should assume all homosexuals have a moral choice not to be gay.

I disagree with him. I think other than the raped children, who are probably at least half of the gay community, homosexuals are biologically inclined to be what they are. So they need their own neighborhoods, where they can be gay and not care who's watching, since they're away from the conservative heterosexual neighborhoods.

Liberals are of course the biggest idiots here. "God says we're all equal" has become "we're all equal, because that's a popular notion, and if you disagree, no one will think you're cool and you'll eat lunch alone FOREVER."

Southern Europe: Less pretentious than the squeamish Swedes

Southern Europe is dirty, corrupt and lazy compared to northern Europe, which is one reason that northern European countries are so scrupulously moral, making them first radical Christians and second, radical liberals.

It's a form of hygiene for them, like cleaning their homes. "Vee are not like those self-interested barbarians, who think only of themselves, and live in filth and discriminate," say the Swedes. "Our minds are clearer and we are better people, and we use our wealth to help others, unlike those nasty selfish ANIMAL-LIKE brutes from the South."

Oh yeah...? Selfishness is part of the natural order because MOST PEOPLE ARE FUCKING CRAZY. Keeping them in line, and motivating them toward something other than rutting/eating/boozing/farting is how you make empires. And then we all enjoy the products of those empires. Hmm, maybe oppression is not only necessary, but less oppressive than non-oppression. Head explodes! (Maybe "oppression" sets up a false dilemma.)

Now our friends the garlic-stinkin', olive-oiled, positively barbaric sexist WOPS aer helping us out:

Anti-Gypsy campaigns in neighboring France have sparked international criticism, with officials there in recent months deporting more than 1,000 ethnic Roma - a clannish people migrating west in large numbers from Eastern Europe. But with great bravado, Milan is taking the lead in responding to Italy's own "Gypsy Emergency."

Blaming rising crime on the new waves of Roma immigrants, authorities are moving to dismantle Milan's largest authorized Gypsy camp, Triboniano, a teeming shantytown of street musicians and day laborers that officials decry as a den of thieves. At the same time, Milan is bulldozing hundreds of small, impromptu camps inhabited by newer arrivals and issuing mass eviction notices to Roma families living in another long-established camp in the city's largest immigrant neighborhood.

"These are dark-skinned people, not Europeans like you and me," said Riccardo De Corato, who is Milan's vice mayor from Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's ruling party and who is in charge of handling the camps. He later added: "Our final goal is to have zero Gypsy camps in Milan." - WP

Quote outrage... again, less than expected. Why?

Even our brain-dead media sheep are starting to figure out the rule:

People want to live near people like them.

Other than your clueless 23-year-old who has had one summer job, gone to college and now is just fucking SURE he knows how the world works, people recognize this.

If we're living conservative lives, trying to raise kids according to that value system, we want some way to keep our people together besides rules and cops. We want culture, so we want people who evolved in similar parts of the world and so are hardwired for similar values. We want people of our same social class and rough values system. We're tolerant on things like agnosticism or moderate liberalism, because they have at least a similar core values system and don't attack what we believe.

More for that fire:

America is known as the Great Melting Pot.

But a closer look at census data shows we're a lot closer to a dinner plate--with peas here, carrots there, potatoes here, and steak over there. In other words, we still have a very high level of racial segregation. - BI

150 years of political indoctrination, trillions of dollars in government programs, every entertainer you can find on the dial endorsing it and yet, multiculturalism hasn't really caught on -- except in the faddish, cosmopolitan centers of cities where neurotic hipster parents raise shellshocked kids named Quinn and Grayson who will grow up to be heroin addicts.

What does this mean?

These people are all in denial of realty itself. They will gladly debate us about:

  • How hard, so hard, it is to know what reality is

  • The symbols we use to describe reality -- are they real? are they not real?

  • How we should deconstruct this

  • How they don't understand what reality is

But for mature people, that's all happy delusional horse shit. We know what reality is -- it's the world outside of our heads. It has a visible part, which is the part we touch and smell and see, and an invisible part, which is "patterns" like gravity, the cycle of seasons, etc. which we can't immediate reach out and touch but they're there, and if we ignore them, we can get ratfucked.

Yet our proles don't like to hear this, because the idea of reality reminds them of their mortality and their powerlessness. What, I'm not a god-like being who makes decisions, but a complex computer wired to react in certain ways? What, I'm not wise, but simply a dumbass who's too dumb to know he's wise? What, I'm not important? The universe goes on without me? And then they throw a tantrum.

Now if you see a person throwing a tantrum, as a smart product seller you know one thing for sure: There's a source of that tantrum, and that person will pay anything -- literally anything -- to avoid facing that.

Remember all those old fairy tales about people selling their souls to Satan? That's what we've done in the modern time. The proles don't want to face reality, and they've got cash to spend, so...

Who cares if it destroys our one shot at existence?

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