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Reversing natural selection

12 10 10 - 02:56

The principle of humanism is simple: assume that everyone is the same in essence. We want to think that we are all the same, which means that without having left our comfortable shell of assumptions, we are owed something by the world, most importantly recognition of our importance. The exception proves the rule, we think, because that way everyone is included.

The principle of life, which actually has to function unlike humanists from oil-rich nations, is the opposite: constant differentiation, a/k/a the Normal Distribution, is the essence of our existence. Some rise above others and some fall beneath. Instead of assuming we are all the same in essence, we test ourselves against one test that cannot be forged, which is reality itself. In this view, exceptions occur, but much more rarely than people would like to think.

We have reversed life so we can be good humanists together. An easy example:

A jury is set to decide whether Anna Nicole Smith's two doctors and lawyer-boyfriend gave her too many prescription drugs, contributing to her 2007 accidental overdose death.

Deliberations are scheduled to begin Tuesday morning in Los Angeles.

In closing arguments last week, opposing lawyers set forth dueling scenarios of defendants who were either trying to relieve the former Playboy model's pain or were savoring a brush with fame while feeding her addiction to medications. - AP

This what passes for news in the dominion of The People, which is more effective under consumerism than communism... she wanted to die. You can take the girl from the low-rent origins, but you can't take the low-rent origins from the girl. For that reason, her quest to somehow "prove" herself by getting others to not notice the insanity has failed. So instead she decided to take an assload of drugs, and the parasites gathered. What should we do? Shovel them all into the woodchipper. No humans involved.

Here's a more questionable one:

Diehl-Armstrong's trial was delayed for months when U.S. District Judge Sean McLaughlin determined she was mentally incompetent in July 2008. That occurred after Sadoff testified she once stored 727 pounds of cheese, 389 pounds of butter and 37 dozen eggs at her home — without refrigeration.

She's since been deemed competent, but pretrial court documents suggest Sughrue's defense will focus on her mental condition. He's not claiming legal insanity; that is, a mental defect so profound that Diehl-Armstrong couldn't tell right from wrong. - AP

This is Christian morality -- err, it's secular morality now, but the same thing -- at play: was she a moral actor? Was she aware? Did she mean to do it? -- well, sorry to interrupt the Happy Horse Shit Narcissism parade, but no one "means" to do anything. Nerve impulses fire, and they do it, then they invent reasons why. Of course they pick the easiest reason, which is the one that would fit on a Hallmark Card: "Why did I drink a whole bottle of Tequila and blow 1,000 men? Ah... well... errr.... I did it for world peace. WORLD FUCKING PEACE." (Crowd cheers, Nobel peace prize handed over quickly)

The fact is that whether Diehl-Armstrong is mentally competent, faking it or two states in between, she killed someone and could easily have killed more. Let's flip through her record here... ah, I see. Crazy, crazy, more crazy, ongoing crazy, continued crazy, and it keeps going from there. Did she mean to do it? Who cares? She's broken, so putting aside the fanciful stoned-and-seeing-Jesus morality for a moment, she's a bad animal that needs to be put down. Don't even make me (a taxpayer) pay for the rest of the trial; get a shotgun and the backside of a barn and do it quickly.

Now the one that will offend you, because that's why you're here -- you're looking for the outsider perspective because you're hoping your society isn't in decline, but you're pretty sure it is, which means anything that makes it to TV, newspapers, etc. is heavily edited to avoid that unpleasant truth. So, ask those who have already "stepped out" from the mainstream idea flood, and see what they say:

Advocate David Costello goes from camp to camp along the riverbanks trying to help the homeless residents cut wood for campfires this winter.

He said Monday that the homeless shelters in the city are full and it's not even cold outside yet.

"What's coming is scary. Nobody is fit to be out here this winter," said George Adams, a homeless man.

Adams has living outside near the river for three months. He worked in the floor covering business 25 years but lost his license and then his job.

He said he wants a job and his life back.

Dowling High School students recently brought backpacks filled with snacks and gloves, warm blankets and sweatshirts to the homeless camp.

KCCI reporter Cynthia Fodor said a pregnant woman who is expected to deliver in January is also living in the camp.

"She has no idea what she's going to do, needs a place to live, needs prenatal care," said Costello.

Three children are also living in another camp nearby. - KCCI

Our modern humanist/Christian narrative is this: since we're all the same inside, if misfortune happens, it is not our fault.

Reality is this: it's relatively random, but those who have misfortunes and then respond with insane plans are doomed to fail. And if they can't respond well to misfortune, they probably had some hand in its creation. The schoolkids bringing blankets are doing it for the same reason that people fellate 1,000 men for world peace: it sounds good. It will look good on their report cards, make their teachers seem like nice people, and might even flesh out a college application. They're doing it for themselves.

But these homeless... they lost their jobs, tragedies. Did they join the day laborer line at Home Depot? Well, why the heck not? -- you have nothing to lose at that point. Did they sign up for welfare or federal aid? One presumes, but we wonder where it went. Did they downgrade themselves to kitchen help, apply at a Starbucks, etc? Doesn't sound it, or they didn't get hired. Well, why not? We might as well ask why bears eat unattended babies. You lost your license -- how? You lost your job -- how?

The economy had a downturn, and the least sane went first. Now they're hanging out on the riverbed in a climate where it's known to get really cold. Are they building permanent homes? No? Well, what do they do all day, then? Answer: wait for God, or secular government, to bail them out. They hope. They're not able to make anything a certainty, least of all their own survival.

Helping people like this, or spending any more time raping Anna Nicole Smith's corpse, is a reversal of natural selection. Natural selection has no morality; it takes what works, e.g. those individuals that could motivate themselves to adapt to their situation, and lets the rest freeze on riverbanks (doubtless while intoxicated) or die twitching on floors in the Bahamas (certainly while intoxicated on the genteel drugs her impoverished background cruelly did not let her afford).

This holiday season, instead of further fucking up our species by preserving the insane, let's let them die. All of them. It's not like we have a shortage of people, although the more of these idiots we preserve, the less demographic sway the sane have in our neurotic society. And that's why the insane keep insisting we put on our moralist dunce caps and go save these people. Hail death, when it comes at the right time -- to each his due, and when he is insane, let that due be a painless but chilly death.

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