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What's killing the postal service?

30 09 10 - 15:50

For the comedy-of-modernfail files:

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Christmas is not coming early this year for the U.S. Postal Service, after regulators denied a request Thursday that would have raised the price of a first-class stamp by 2 cents, to 46 cents. - People's News Network

The postal service is in trouble? Average America(tm) has no idea, but here's the skinny:

The U.S. Postal Service said it could lose $238 billion over the next decade if the agency doesn't get more flexibility on schedules, prices and labor costs.

The Postal Service experienced a 13 percent decrease in mail volume last fiscal year and lost $3.8 billion, Potter said. Projections anticipate further drops in mail volume and revenue over the next decade. - Herpetic Press International

So mail volume fell off, and the postal service is in deep. But even more, there's inefficiency:

But as the committee noted, the Postal Service reduced costs by $6 billion in 2009 -- a sign that the price cap is forcing the organization to improve efficiency.

The postal service is hampered by the worst of government feel-good legislation and this contributes to their inefficiency.

It's worst in hiring; they assume you cannot both be a member of a protected group, AND lazy, incompetent or outright stupid. Without much further checking of qualifications, they hire every minority, homosexual, Aspie, retard, obesetard, etc. and hope it'll work out for the best. In the meantime, if you walk into many post offices, you see people waddling around doing not much of anything.

But it's just as bad in the different layers of their hierarchy. Ever notice the postal service is trying to be everything to everyone? Overnight mail, bulk mail, expedited mail... the list of services goes on. Decisions are made slowly. The entire bulk of the agency is sluggish to react, as new ideas ripple through layers of bureaucracy caked on like fat.

If you wonder why people are starting to demand that we starve government, this is a good starting point: government is a tumor, and when even its most effective arm -- the postal service -- is in trouble, you know the rest is far, far worse.

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