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News of the Durrrrrrrrrr

29 09 10 - 06:55

Let's see: we put the proles in charge, and now through utilitarianism, we pander to what they think they need. Let's see how that's working out...

Nine months after a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, not a cent of the $1.15 billion the U.S. promised to send for rebuilding has arrived. According to The Associated Press, bureaucracy, disorganization and a lack of urgency have tied up the funds. And the authorization bill that would direct how the aid will be delivered has been sidelined by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) because of a $5 million provision he considers wasteful.

In the meantime, deaths in Port-au-Prince are mounting. More a million Haitians still live on the streets between piles of rubble because only 13,000 temporary shelters have been built. And the threat of violence is growing as landowners pressure entire camps of survivors with forced eviction. - I can count to Potato news

What the Crowd sees: a disaster and innocent victims.

What an experienced political worker sees: a third world kleptocracy that through shoddy construction and general disorder, turned a natural disaster into a near-apocalypse, with two caveats:

(a) People who live in squalor find living in rubble not that much of a transition
(b) Any money you send will be stolen by local warlords and used to create further problems.

So yeah... I'm with the people not sending money. Haiti's disaster is 60-40 of its own making. Sending money will help the local warlords make future disasters and will end up furthering organized crime worldwide.

More from the "we have no idea how government works" file:

Anti-austerity protests erupted across Europe on Wednesday — Greek doctors and railway employees walked out, Spanish workers shut down trains and buses, and one man even blocked the Irish parliament with a cement truck to decry the country's enormous bank bailouts.

Strikes or protests were also taking place Wednesday in Greece, Portugal, Ireland, Slovenia and Lithuania, all aimed at the budget-slashing, tax-hiking, pension-cutting austerity plans that European governments have implemented to try to control their debt

"It is a bizarre time for the European Commission to be proposing a regime of punishment," John Monks, general secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation, told Associated Press Television News.

"It is not right that people on low salaries have to pay to prop up the country. It should be the banks," said Belgian demonstrator Evelain Foncis. - Short Bus News

Yeah, that's right... it's punishment.

You don't get your entitlements because the money is needed elsewhere.

It goes to banks, hospitals, sewage treatment facilities, etc. first because we all depend on these institutions.

In other words, it's not punishment. It's a practical means, like killing murderers so they don't murder again. The banks can't pay you; they're out of money. If they go away, worse things happen. So their health is more important than yours right now.

But the proles will never understand that. It's beyond them -- not only intellectually, but because of their genetic predisposition to callowness of spirit. They don't want to think about anyone else. They want to think about what they want right now, and what they want is more money, and if it goes elsewhere, it's horribly unfair, punishment, discrimination, racism and any other nasty term they can throw at it.

This is why in wiser times you were oppressed, peasants:

Traditional peasant societies believe in only a limited amount of good. The more your neighbor earns, the less someone else gets. Profits are seen as a sort of theft; they must be either hidden or redistributed. Envy, rather than admiration of success, reigns.

In contrast, Western civilization began with a very different, ancient Greek idea of an autonomous citizen, not an indentured serf or subsistence peasant. The small, independent landowner — if he was left to his own talents, and if his success was protected by, and from, government — would create new sources of wealth for everyone. The resulting greater bounty for the poor soon trumped their old jealousy of the better-off. - National Review

The best societies are like nature: winner takes all. Find the most competent, and elevate them.

Peasants hate that because they are -- like all Crowds -- defined by being an aggregate of the unexceptional. So they want to invent reasons why they are owed something, since they didn't earn it. They're the dumb labor that fulfills the vision smarter people have.

Since The Enlightenment, we've been drifting toward the peasant-realm here in the West, but if you read the news with a critical eye, you can see -- just about every day -- how peasant unrealism hamstrings us at every turn.

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