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The public/private split

24 09 10 - 11:32

Remember Plato and his parable of the ring that makes its wearer invisible? A good man will hide his good deeds; a bad man will hide his bad deeds. Thus the bad man will appear good, and for the good man, we'll see only his errors.

This is one of the many ways socialization misleads us. Like dumb monkeys, we look at the surface, and if we see "good," we all assume it's great and send money. That money is then entirely pissed away:

According to the Post, Bono’s anti-poverty ONE foundation received $14,993,873 in donations from philanthropists in 2008, of which just $184,732 was distributed to three charities. (ONE is an “advocacy organisation” whose main purpose is to change policies, not support charities, it says.) So what happened to the rest? More than $8 million was spent on executive and employee salaries.

The Post’s figures are taken directly from the organisation’s 2008 tax return, the latest year for which records are available. This story follows hot on the heels of the revelation that Edun, Bono’s fashion label, has shifted some of its production base from Africa to China. A perfectly acceptable business decision, were it not for the fact that Edun is an “ethical” fashion house that was set up to aleviate poverty in … Africa.

Bono browbeats Western governments for not spending more money on aid – taxpayers’ money – while doing his best to avoid paying tax himself. He chastises the private sector for not investing in African businesses, then moves his own business out of Africa. He persuades kind-hearted souls to donate money to charity, then stands by while his own foundation pays its employes 43 times as much as it gives to good causes. - The Times

Bono isn't the only one. Most governments, charities and non-profits spend a huge amount of money employing people -- who, judging by their numbers and the resulting output, are not very effective at all -- while doing very little to alleviate problems, in part because those problems are self-created. Poverty in Africa? Overbreeding, refusal to develop infrastructure, and constant warfare and corruption are the causes. You can't write a check to end that -- the Africans have to do it for themselves!

When you look at this society of The Crowd, you'll see many people telling you how you're ignorant for not taking them at face value. But think about it: face value is death. Face value is how they deceive you. Of course they want that... they can profit greatly. Don't trust, investigate, and be wary of that next big thing, because as we see with Bono, it takes 20 years for us to have the smoking gun on a true blue shitbag.

As a side note, Bono is flamingly retarded for being unable to hide these expenditures. If he had any brains, the top organization would employ two guys at $50k each, and distribute cash to several understudy organizations, each of which would employ those same dudes. It takes a lot longer to unravel that mess, and you don't have to headquarters those companies in the UK or USA where they must disclose such figures.

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