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It's not propaganda if it's fun

09 09 10 - 20:51

We're conditioned to think of propaganda as big, bold posters with patriotic slogans. We're also conditioned to think of advertising as short 30-second bursts of slogan. What if they hid the propaganda and advertising in entertainment? You could add "morals" to stories, and have your kids get preached to by their favorite perfect superheroes. You could have product placement in movies, whether that sexy cigarette or using a Macintosh computer in every other scene. 99% won't recognize it as advertising or propaganda, because it doesn't visually resemble what they've been told to look for.

Controlling useful idiots is far too easy. Tell them what they have to know to be "smart," and they'll bleat it right back at you. Show them what to avoid, and make sure it resembles what your enemies do. Then hide your own version in something fun, empowering, maybe even daring or bold. This only works with decay of civilizations, not construction really, but if you want to stay in power, you don't want to build health -- you want to create need. Neurotic, terrified, angry, desperate, self-deceiving need. Power is an addiction, but the addicts are the people, not the leaders.