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See how they spin

26 08 10 - 15:56

How they present it: altruism evolved through natural selection (Headline: "Altruism can be explained by natural selection")

In a second mathematical analysis, the team investigated how eusociality could evolve through standard natural selection. They found that a gene for eusociality could spread readily as long as the advantages it confers — increasing the lifespan and reproductive success of the queen — kick in even for small colonies. So colonies that have as few as two or three workers must provide significant advantages to their queen for the gene and the behaviour to become widespread. - Natur

What it actually means: close kin-ties, like ethnonationalism or racism, evolved through natural selection.

These ants aren't being altruistic; they're helping their own team, e.g. being collectivist.

But they couldn't spin it that way or you'd all go join the Black Panthers or Hitler Youth, and that wouldn't be fair to gay blind Hispanic dwarves.

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