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Hacking is not information democracy

25 08 10 - 09:46

Let us consider two principles of hacking:

(a) Information wants to be free;

(b) Those who have the skills to use such information should have it.

In an interview with AFP Tuesday, the lawyer also rejected Assange's claim the allegations were part of a plot to harm WikiLeaks.

"This is not a smear campaign," Borgstroem said, pointing out that his clients, aged 25 to 35, had gone to police separately over different alleged incidents and had no links to anyone who would be interested in discrediting the website.

"This has nothing to do with WikiLeaks or the CIA," he insisted. - Swedish Wire

International superstar Julian Assange believes that information should be democratized, or by taking that first principle to the extreme, he offers up to the world what the masses cannot handle and will shortly dumb down into an us-versus-them scenario.

He should have paid attention to the second principle: those who can use information should be the ones to have it, not the clueless and destructive masses.