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Lady Gaga metaphor

09 07 13 - 19:05


Black are the cocks, together we suck
Power balls set to explode
Thick semen streams, butter and cream
Tasting, swallowing the best load

We fondle the balls, orgasms for all
Metal for boylovers pure
Dildos of steel, men on high heels
Ass hemorrhoids are the cure


Spread your butthole for the black cock and balls!

Fucking so wild, nobodys mild
Giving it all that you got
Asses so tight, fistfuck tonight
Mastering the art of frot

Open back door, enter with force
Black are the cocks sucked tonight
An anal force, feeling like whores
Rammed up the ass now it's wide


Spread your butthole for the black cock and balls
Switch gender roles and go dance on a pole
Fucking with strangers bareback and free
Taking our chances with HIV

Come ride the dicks with us
Cock hard ass tight
United by gay parades we stand
Freak hard and wild for us
Give up your hole
Live for the quest pleasing men

Ass against the rods, fag metal gods
Fuck to achieve our goal
Sucking so well, leather and hell
Fag metal gods tickling balls

Building up steam, hetero screams
Cock-heads are ready to fight
Fag leather hounds, cruising through your town
Sucking cocks our purpose in life


Spread your butthole for the black cock and balls!

FAG METAL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHmzFVDjVnM - 09-07-’13 23:46
Why is there a woman on that delicious piece of shit? So brown, so thick, the smell so good Eminen - 10-07-’13 15:14
Brootal hesher of mesher hefsher
Sexual Ornamentation
Sexual ornamentation - peacocking - is what every species develops to attract the opposite sex. The most famous example is the peacock’s tail – it serves no purpose whatsoever, other than to attract females.

Deer have antlers, parrots have huge beaks, and humans have… are you ready for this?


That’s right… the human brain serves, among other things, as sexual ornamentation… but it’s internal. We are one of the first species on the planet whose mating adornments have moved INSIDE of us.

In fact, we have both external and internal sexual ornamentation. In human males, their muscles are an example of the external ways they signal replication value, and their brains are one of the internal ways.

Now here’s the kicker:

Inward sexual ornamentation by itself does NOTHING!

That’s why the nerd never got laid in high school, even though he probably had the biggest brain of everybody in his year.

That’s also why being a musician alone doesn’t get you laid – you actually need to be a successful musician, or aspiring to success… so it’s really the social status and being driven that triggers the attraction, not the music.

And working to make a girl laugh is your brain showing off its power to be funny… it’s internal sexual ornamentation. It’s peacocking. It can enhance your ability to get girls, but only if used sparingly… and it won’t get you laid on its own.

Again, girls don’t throw their panties into the circus ring for the clown… they throw them at powerful, masculine men with electric guitars, who actually often have a pretty gloomy and grim look on their faces!

Imagine that. Brootal hesher of mesher hefsher - 11-07-’13 08:23
anus.com sucks
Man that is hot... anus.com sucks - 11-07-’13 13:49
dating tips
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Question to discuss:
rather eat shit or have your ass filled with cum?

Stranger: my name is adriano,im 23 i killed 7 atheist people and i will not stop

You: that;s cool dude

You: do you ever stop to masturbate?

Stranger: no

You: I would

Stranger: i have no time for that

You: I'd masturbate over each dead atheist corpse

Stranger: i must finish atheist here in spain to move to other countries

Stranger: that was not in my the dream

You: yeah spain has a lot of atheists

Stranger: the dream said only kill them to save the world

You: ok

You: what weapon did god command you to use?

Stranger: i strangle most of them

Stranger: make it look like accident

You: they got strangled by accident?

Stranger: yes

Stranger: with ropes

Stranger: by accident

Stranger: it was round their necks

Stranger: u dont belive but it is the true

You: well if you like hanging folks then why don't ya join us here at the Ku Klux Klan in Kentucky?

You: we're doing gods work too, one dead nigger at a time

Stranger: i dont kill people

Stranger: i kill athieist people

You: or liberal

You: or jew

You: atheist is good too

You: homosexuals

You: we want none of that here

Stranger: i may help

Stranger: all i want is to finish atheist

You: ok well finish off the atheists in Spain and come to Kentucky

You: you'll find nothing but good decent white god fearing folks here

Stranger: i plan to kill atheist in italy after i finish spain

Stranger: but i will try

You: ok well god bless ya son

You: we'll be praying for you

Stranger: thank you

Stranger: but i dont need pray

Stranger: im atheist

You: now wait a minute

You: you mean to tell me that you are doing gods work but you still don't believe in him?

Stranger: gods work?

Stranger: i do what i saw in my dream

Stranger: i saw the future

Stranger: atheist will destroy the world

Stranger: i need to finish them before they do

You: well that's sorta what we're doin over here in Kentucky too

Stranger: where is kentucky?

You: it in the good ol' U S of A son

Stranger: america?

You: yep

Stranger: i dont plan to go there

Stranger: in the future i saw there was no america

Stranger: only water

Stranger: no north america no south america

You: well goddarnit that's just impossible innit?

You: god loves us

You: he'd never abandon us like that

You: I tell ya what's gonna happen

Stranger: there is no god

You: jesus is gonna come back and it's gonna be the rapture

You: and all the believers will be taken to paradise and all the sinners will burn in hell for all eternity

Stranger: wtf bro

You: then we gonna nuke Iran and kill all of them muzzies

Stranger: I've telling you that I'm fucking atheist

Stranger: muzzies motherfucker

You: and then we gonn kill the communists in Cuba and liberate Russia

Stranger: anyway

You: and everybody is gonna speak AMERICAN

Stranger: i keep kill atheists in here

Stranger: i will not go to america

Stranger: im sorry

You: that's ok son

You: we got no place for atheists in the klan anyway

You: you'st better stay in europe

Stranger: yes

Stranger: i keep killing across europe

Stranger: i start with spain

Stranger: and i will finish to italy

You: god bless ya son

You: hallelujah

You: you're doing gods work

Stranger: maybe you can come and help me

You: me? no I gotta keep protecting my territory from the niggers and the indians

Stranger: your country is lost

Stranger: in the future

Stranger: no ameirca

Stranger: come with me

Stranger: start here

Stranger: kill atheist

You: well I admit it sounds tempting but I don't trust you atheists, you're probably a homosexual too

Stranger: no

Stranger: im not

Stranger: i will let you sleep in my trailer

Stranger: i will sleep in my car

Stranger: we can go around euorpe killing atheist

Stranger: im not doing well alone

Stranger: i need help

You: europe is too goddamn liberal for me

Stranger: i only manged to kill 7

You: there's a reason us americans left that festering shithole behind centuries ago

Stranger: ok

Stranger: i will not push it

Stranger: do what you want

You: well I'm just gonna say good luck to ya, and I'm gonna dedicate the nigger we hang tonight to you

Stranger: thank you

Stranger: i will kill 2 atheist on your honor

You: thank you son

You: but if they are white atheists and they are still worth 10 times more than a filthy nigger

Stranger: i dont racist

Stranger: i kill atheist

You: so I'll kill another 5 niggers and 5 homosexuals for you, that should make it even

Stranger: ah

Stranger: if thats what you want

Stranger: but make sure they are atheist

You: they all are son, coons don't got no souls, they are hellbound

Stranger: ah

Stranger: i know now

Stranger: you do good job

Stranger: you saw the dream to?

You: no son, I saw a vision when I was wide awake

You: and that vision was called "Birth of a Nation"

Stranger: you call it name?

Stranger: i dont call it

Stranger: all i saw was destruction

Stranger: and voice told me to kill atheist or this what will happen in 7 years

You: ok

You: well sheez I wish I could help ya kill all them atheists but I got work to do here

Stranger: Ok bro I get it

Stranger: time to leave for you

You: the stores are about to close and I need to get gasoline and wood for the burning cross tonight

Stranger: Oh yeah

Stranger: about that

Stranger: don't stand too close to the fire

You: yeah I know, my cousin died that way

Stranger: And

Stranger: it will totally ruin your white hood

You: and your white skin my cousin is black as coal now

Stranger: wtf

You: he was once a strong proud white man but in the end he looked like one of them skinny niggers on tv dying in africa

Stranger: so

Stranger: you killed him?

You: no he got burned to a crisp

You: when he stood to close to the fire

You: I told him not to buy that polyester crap

Stranger: Shit..

You: it's all made in china so what do you expect?

Stranger: yea

Stranger: those fucking yellow fuckers

Stranger: they also need to die

Stranger: good thing they're all atheist

You: yeah godless yellow scumbags

Stranger: K bro you need to go

Stranger: so do I

Stranger: police is creeping around my van

You: see ya around stranger

Stranger: Later bro

Your conversational partner has disconnected. dating tips - 12-07-’13 06:26
Autothrall is best!
hello, my name is Autothrall and i like to write reviews about metal. ipost my reviews on Metal-Archives. Here's a list of great death metal yall could benefit from cheking out!!!

http://rateyourmusic.com/list/autothrall/autothralls_classic_death_metal_formula_400/ Autothrall is best! - 12-07-’13 10:18
crap hole
What is this bullshit? why this site so slow? crap hole - 13-07-’13 10:58
t. dolan
that's ass t. dolan - 14-07-’13 10:54
That's distastefully disgusting. How do you expect to attract an intellectual audience? Disappointed - 14-07-’13 13:55
The Low Self Esteem Guy
Be careful with my bum this time! My family can not afford any more anal reconstructive surgeries for me! The Low Self Esteem Guy - 17-07-’13 14:44
dialogue with Steve Brettens
Tarbuz July 16, 2013 at 8:04 am I think the Sandoval thing is a rumor. I heard and read the same thing on message boards, but never saw evidence of it. Even if he was posting bible verses, it doesn’t make him a xtian. Nietzsche had admiration for the old testament. Didn’t make him jewish.

Robert Ritual July 16, 2013 at 4:04 pm Exactly!! Just because Brett Stevens loves Jews too, doesn’t make him one does it? Unless he’s a Jew then it would make sense why he is always defending them and stuff!!

Brett Stevens Post authorJuly 17, 2013 at 6:21 pm Just because Brett Stevens loves Jews too, doesn’t make him one does it? Unless he’s a Jew then it would make sense why he is always defending them and stuff!!
I support fixing problems. I have learned to resist emotions. Jews are at worst a group in the wrong place, and historically, anger directed at Jews is a prelude to the mass killing of men, women and children. I don’t want part of that. I want to fix the problems instead.

Robert Ritual July 17, 2013 at 7:15 pm “Jews are at worst a group in the wrong place”
yeah, i’m sure they had nothing to do with that occurrence and, it just happened by itself. like amoebas that just happen to be in the wrong places all the time. a dude with amoebas may die of aids or struck by a car because he failed to realize that getting drunk and run around naked on the speedway might not be such a great idea, but, still, amoebas play a role in the universe and forever it will be their role till the end ot Time…


Brett Stevens Post authorJuly 17, 2013 at 6:21 pm Where does William Blake fit into all of this? dialogue with Steve Brettens - 17-07-’13 18:20
Prozak is a fucking jew. Just check out that picture of him on the wat back machine. Dude has frizzy hair, prominent nose and flappy lips Noshit - 19-07-’13 01:49
Also:promotes antisocial, violent, escapist music to ailenate intelligent and sensitive white youths. A jew scum bag encouragin our best to not reproduce by swamping them with insecurities and nuerorsises. Noshit - 19-07-’13 01:53
"intelligent and sensitive white youths"

Replace intelligent with stubborn and sensitive with arrogant and you're halfway done describing the average anus sperg. t>ruth - 19-07-’13 08:13
oh btw
that was a pretty good one parody guy oh btw - 19-07-’13 14:48
Hi. billy - 19-07-’13 22:41
Fuck this lame ass site..
I wanna fuck Lady Gaga in the ass...

And you people still suck... Fuck this lame ass site.. - 20-07-’13 14:44
Solomon Shereshevsky
A man goes to the doctor and says "hey doc, my ass hurts. Could you check it out?"

The doctor orders his patient to pull down his pants and gets behind him. He spreads the mans buttcheeks and looks around a bit. Then he notices something sticking out of the man's asshole.

It appears to be a flesh colored bump right in the middle of his butthole. The doctor feels it for a moment and he notices the bump is loose and can be moved around a little.

The doctor grabs the bump and begins pulling it slowly. After some struggling the doctor manages to pull out the bump a few inches from the man's asshole. Then when he examines the bump again he notices it has a fingernail...

The doctor begins pulling it more and more and soon more fingers come out of the butthole until an entire hand is sticking out!

The doctor now begins pulling the hand with all his might. The patient moans as the doctor puts his weight behind it. The patient grunts and squeezes and suddenly an entire person is shit out of the patients butt! It's Troy Sanders!

"Wow" says the doctor "That's a giant asshole!"

Troy Sanders replies "Why does everybody keep calling me that?" Solomon Shereshevsky - 20-07-’13 20:48
Last time I went to a mastadon concert I did exactly what ms gaga is doing. fun was had by all! turdalicious - 20-07-’13 21:19
incredible homosexual
Twilight is my favorite American black metal band. Me and my boyfriend made love to all their albums. incredible homosexual - 22-07-’13 14:04
I wish I had a boyfriend... or a girlfriend... or anything! But all I have is my 10 inch dildo and my Liturgy cd's. lonelysexual - 22-07-’13 14:07
homosexual predator
Mastodon is the best music for me. When I'm cruising in my car looking for victims I smoke meth and listen to Mastodon. It sharpens all my senses and brings me into the state of the hunter. There's something homo-erotic yet destructive about the music that makes it perfect for these occasions. homosexual predator - 22-07-’13 14:13
Robert Homosexual
I just desecrated the graveyard by planting dildos in all the graves. I also left some pink graffiti with the name of my band. We're called Warlusting Beasthole. You should check us out, we're totally evil and gay. Robert Homosexual - 22-07-’13 14:22
I used to be heterosexual but after the first time I saw Wolves in the Throne Room perform live I became curious. The second time I went there I felt a lot more comfortable and was able to participate in the gay sex orgies that take place at their concerts. I've seen Wolves in the Throne Room perform seven times by now and I can't wait until the next concert. I think I my ass is finally ready for the doublefisted screwdriver. ex-heterosexual - 22-07-’13 14:39
Third generation homosexual
I was once caught on the toilet giving head to one of the jocks. I was bullied about it the whole year but the music of Wolves in the Throne Room gave the strength to overcome this tragedy. Third generation homosexual - 22-07-’13 17:58
I love Gojira! And I love being gay! nokosexual - 22-07-’13 18:00
tiny midget
@ homosexual

no, no, no. you're not an homosexual man. i was once going thru a similar phase but then
i realized pussy is good. it was hard for me to get pussy in the beginning but then even i
got some pussy. when i'm mounting the females i feel a connection to their souls and that
is beautiful feeling. the pussy creates life and life is good because it creates more pussy!
that is called cycle of life or harvesting the pussy. if you're a dad you know your cute
litte 10 month old baby girl will have its tiny pussy pummeled by lustful guys like myself.
don't never give up on the pussy my dear feller friend, never! now, where's Levy_Spearmen?... tiny midget - 22-07-’13 18:26
homosexual syphilis carrier
Yesterday was the best day of my life. I was riding the bus when I saw a handsome man wearing a Gojira t-shirt. I was wearing a Gojira t-shirt too and we started looking at each other. Then without saying a word we walked up to each other and started hugging and kissing. Before I knew it I was getting my dick sucked by this stranger in the middle of the bus in front of all these people! Of course those narrowminded hypocritical people were shocked by our actions and pretended like we should be ashamed of our actions. After some passengers complained to the bus driver he told us to leave. We went to the nearest hotel we could find and fucked each others brains out! Instead of exchanging phone numbers we agreed to meet up at the next Gojira concert. It's so great meeting other Gojira fans. homosexual syphilis carrier - 22-07-’13 20:16
homosexual prostitute
When I have friends over Liturgy is all we listen too. And most of my customers don't mind hearing it when they're fucking me in the ass. I'm so thankful for the dark and mysterious yet consumer friendly music that Liturgy makes. homosexual prostitute - 22-07-’13 20:24
omnisexual liturgy fan @ homosexual prostitute
I know what you mean hun. Liturgy helps me get accepted as a metalhead by the local LGBT community. The other bands I listen to are very extreme. Bands like Black Witchery and Ritual are too extreme for the LGBT community even though their message is the same. But everybody loves Liturgy so it's easier for me to get acceptance as a transgender metalhead now. Thanks Liturgy! omnisexual liturgy fan @ homosexual prostitute - 22-07-’13 20:32
at above aspie
> the above aspie should really get going to his job at Walmart. at above aspie - 23-07-’13 19:13
Do you listen to Death Metal only or are there also other styles in Metal or other kinds of music which bring a pleasure to your ears?

"I like to think of music as being a form of art which certainly includes Death Metal. As an artist, I believe sonic inspiration can ultimately be positive or negative in the end result of the creation. To put that in perspective and to answer your question, if I literally only listened to Death Metal every day of the week, I know for a fact the musical range of SADISTIC INTENT would not be as wide. Although music is subjective, as an aspiring music artist I would not be pleased with negative limitations which go hand in hand with monotonousness. Therefore, besides Death / Black Metal I'm still into 70's and 80's Heavy Metal such as: AC/DC, BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, etc. Even though Metal in general is my main source of musical inspiration, I can admit that depending on my mood I can listen to other forms of music as well. But when I say some I literally mean it, the music within every genre I appreciate can be specially interesting or even annoying! Therefore, I also like some classic rock such as: THE DOORS, ROLLING STONES, JIMI HENDRIX, etc. Once in a while I can lend an ear to some "crust" type of stuff which is actually heavy music!

Every now and then I can go to the other side of the musical spectrum and even listen to some classical music. ’Lacrimosa’ by Mozart is one of my favorite pieces of work! Depending on my hallucinogenic state of mind, I can even get entranced by some electronic drug music! Opening the doors of perception with LSD can be a very dark and to surreal of an experience to put into words."


Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills
I fucked your girlfriend last night.
While you snored and drooled, I fucked your love.
She called me Daddy.
And I called her baby when I smacked her ass.
I called her sugar when I ate her alive till daylight.
And I slept with her all over me,
from forehead to ribcage I dripped her ass.
Sometimes I thought you might be spying,
living out some brash fantasy, but no.
You were knocked out.
But we were all knocked out you know.
In a way

I serve too many masters.

We didn't know you'd break the bottle
that the magic came in to use those jagged shards
to cut our wrists and neck.
And you'd do it too, you're that kind of dude.
But you wouldn't know what you were doing
because I didn't,
your girlfriend could have been a burn victim,
an amputee, a dead body.
But god damn I wanted to fuck.

I'm losing what's left of my fucking mind,
I serve too many fucking masters.

(I told you. I told you motherfucker) Good Friends And A Bottle Of Pills (URL) - 25-07-’13 14:31
I read Kant 'till my eyes bleed
Spend all my time in libraries
Girls can't give me the satisfaction
Of reading Plato, Hegel and Lord Byron

I wanna teach myself (repeat)

I like the way it sticks in my head
All the information that I just read
I like to learn about the past
I teach myself so I can be the best

I wanna teach myself (repeat)
And someone else!

I read Nietzsche until I'm raw
Learn and learn 'till there's no more
I've read every book that's in the store
Turn the book upside down, read it some more!

I wanna teach myself (repeat) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqqvXy5HUQ0 - 25-07-’13 18:16
better than metal
The Shaggs were an American all-female rock group formed in Fremont, New Hampshire in 1968. The band was composed of sisters Dorothy "Dot" Wiggin (vocals/lead guitar), Betty Wiggin (vocals/rhythm guitar), Helen Wiggin (drums) and, later, Rachel Wiggin (bass).

The Shaggs were formed by Dot, Betty and Helen in 1968, on the insistence of their father, Austin Wiggin, who believed that his mother foresaw the band's rise to stardom. The band's only studio album, Philosophy of the World, was released in 1969. The album failed to garner attention, though the band continued to exist as a locally popular live act. The Shaggs disbanded in 1975 after the death of Austin.

The band is primarily notable today for their perceived ineptitude at playing conventional rock music; the band was described in one Rolling Stone article as "...sounding like lobotomized Trapp Family singers."[3] Terry Adams of NRBQ compared the group's melodic lines and structures to the free jazz compositions of Ornette Coleman.[4]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQqK1CjE9bA better than metal - 25-07-’13 20:51
Charles Small
Dear Brett Stevens:

I love to suck cock big juicy vein. I was a bad boy, a love for tight ass hole of your one week. Finally, confidence in reading, vice president faces Morbid Angel your portable.

Thank you, Charles Small Charles Small - 20-08-’13 19:09

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