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World catches up to ANUS essay-writing style

27 05 13 - 06:08

It seems that, even in the proliferation of new forms of writing and communication before us, the essay has become a talisman of our times. What is behind our attraction to it? Is it the essay’s therapeutic properties? Because it brings miniature joys to its writer and its reader? Because it is small enough to fit in our pocket, portable like our own experiences?

I believe that the essay owes its longevity today mainly to this fact: the genre and its spirit provide an alternative to the dogmatic thinking that dominates much of social and political life in contemporary America. In fact, I would advocate a conscious and more reflective deployment of the essay’s spirit in all aspects of life as a resistance against the zealous closed-endedness of the rigid mind. I’ll call this deployment “the essayification of everything.” - NYT


Dear anus.com
I’ve been visiting your site since 2007 and I’ve found many great bands through your reviews. I wanted to ask you a question: are trannies gay? I had a discussion with a friend and he said that I’m gay for watching tranny porn but I disagree. Trannies are women with dicks but they are still women so when I’m jacking off to tranny porn I’m jacking off to women which means I'm hetero. Other than that I wanted to ask when you are finally going to review Mastodon cuz they’re a great band. Much love from Scott. Scott - 28-05-’13 04:15
Tranny Detektor of Faggots

DEATH METAL INTERVIEWS YOU FUCKEN HOMOS!!! Tranny Detektor of Faggots - 28-05-’13 12:28
Reifert vs Chuck
How do you guyz feel about Autopsy Shitfun from 1995?
Kontinual doesn't like it, but then again he's a faggit.

How does Kontinual take off his condoms? He farts them out !!!!

wah wah hah hah hah wah wah Reifert vs Chuck - 28-05-’13 12:31
I learned everything about life through video games
I don't care about Autopsy. I wanna play Masters of the World (a geopolitical simulator) but there's no decent crack for it yet :( The game costs 50 euros just for a download version so fuck buying it. I learned everything about life through video games - 29-05-’13 04:45
critical gamer @ I learned everything about life through video games
You're wasting your time just waiting for it. Its predecessor Masters of Nations was buggy, vague and incomplete. It was criticized by almost everyone who played it. The concept of MoN is great but the game turned out to be disappointing. Every time you meet up with some celebrity the conversation goes the same but you are forced to have these meetings to boost your popularity so the game feels repetitive after a while. The absolute worst is probably when unions go on strike because they will not tell you what their demands are so you're forced to just screw around with your budgets until they are happy again. Unless these things have been fixed in the new version it's just going to be the same crap with better graphics. Btw 50 euros may seem a lot for a download but Eversim is a small company and it looks like they're working with a tiny budget. Downloaders like you are the reason why their prices are so high. critical gamer @ I learned everything about life through video games - 29-05-’13 06:08
@ critical gamer
You mean Rulers of Nations dumbass. And I'll buy the game if it's good, I just want to try it out first. @ critical gamer - 29-05-’13 06:23
@ @ critical gamer
Sure you will. Hey I'm just trying to help, no need to be rude. I haven't played RoN in a while so I typed the wrong name. @ @ critical gamer - 29-05-’13 06:30
@ @ @ critical gamer
Trying to help? I asked for the cracked version, not some lecture about the game. I already know all that stuff. You're not trying to help anybody, you just want to make yourself look smart! Well you failed. Now fuck off unless you have the cracked version. @ @ @ critical gamer - 29-05-’13 06:34
@ @ @ @ critical gamer
I was talking in general. People who don't know the game could be reading this and get the wrong impression about it, did you ever consider that? And this isn't some illegal warez site so you fuck off! @ @ @ @ critical gamer - 29-05-’13 06:42
@ @ @ @ @ critical gamer
Yes, thank you, I for one was captured with interest at the notion of a geopolitical simulator game and appreciate the warnings and information you provided. To me it looked like he was just trying to be helpful, I learned everything about life through video games, whether to the general readership or if you should be so inclined, yourself as well. Yet all I hear from you is me me me. @ @ @ @ @ critical gamer - 29-05-’13 13:08
Tristan o Toole @ both gamer faggits
Who da fuck cares bout gaming n shit? You pussys? Course you are! Im gunna cumm all over your faces like a fukin Peter North yall!!!!!!!! both of ye faggits are dumb dipshits and faggits! now bend over you pieces of shit and lemme ramm yer fukin buttholes like men. Ram ram your asses faggits!!! Tristan o Toole @ both gamer faggits - 30-05-’13 06:10
delicious cock observer, always checking out delicious cocks at Gojira concerts...
I saw Jennifer T going down on Dominating Fucker's huge veiny cock. delicious cock observer, always checking out delicious cocks at Gojira concerts... - 30-05-’13 06:23
^ fuck you, man! Jenny T would never do such a thing! Never.... JENNY T FAN#1 LOL YAY - 30-05-’13 12:35
Unemployed hessian warrior, duty bound collector ov wellfare checks
LOL YAY Unemployed hessian warrior, duty bound collector ov wellfare checks - 30-05-’13 12:36
tiny midget @ Unemployed hessian warrior, fag booty bound sucker of big black cocks
yeah dude i'm unemployed too! i wanna be a fire fighter though they say the pay is good but will i have the courage to fight a fire? dunno man! i like to wear tiny flip flops to my jobs but sometimes the dress code's a bitch! can i fuck you? tiny midget @ Unemployed hessian warrior, fag booty bound sucker of big black cocks - 30-05-’13 17:41
Dominator Fucker @ LOL YAY snorter of meth
Certainly it's troo!! She totally drank my seed like a cum-thirsty bitch! Anyone here besides me thinks that Hour of Adventure is a great Hessian Cartoon?? Dominator Fucker @ LOL YAY snorter of meth - 30-05-’13 18:03
JP/pissing into the void.
About the trolls - are they real, different personalities mocking this site for it's inability to intelligently deal with articulate criticism, or are they merely projected fragments of Vijay's fractured mind? I do notice they started flaring up more around the time sir Prolezak said there is no point in attempting communication on the internet, and openly endorsed acting as vandals against those of differing ideologies. JP/pissing into the void. - 30-05-’13 19:58
An ANUS troll
^ I dunno man, I just like to suck cock. An ANUS troll - 30-05-’13 20:36
Brutal Gayer of the solitary pit tiny midget of Levy Spearmens cunt @ JP/
weren't you paying attention back in 2010-12? Anus trolls are the best, most of them respect this site but it's so much fun to battle those who cum here to hate. We fight back with trolling and the battle field was the Anus. We also fight back by showing our dicks to them and having them sucked by hairless scrawny fags like yourself sir. Brutal Gayer of the solitary pit tiny midget of Levy Spearmens cunt @ JP/ - 31-05-’13 05:38
An ANUS troll
2010-2012 were indeed, glorious times. I basically dropped out of college and waisted my early 20 trollin the ANUS and postin hard on metal boards. An ANUS troll - 31-05-’13 09:51
@ An ANUS troll
I was Dominating Fucker and you? Although sometimes I was Lord Aspie of the Solitary Basement, those were my characters. I was never Brutal Slayer of Christians although some people thought I was. I bet you were Levy_Spearmen. Who was > Guy, do you know?? @ An ANUS troll - 31-05-’13 20:37
same above dude
I also did Kontinual Adventures out of spite against hime because he was always rude to me. same above dude - 31-05-’13 20:39
An ANUS troll
Dude, i'm a huge fan of your work! I hold Dominating Fucker, Levy, and Tiny midget in the highest regards as the true embodiment of the ANUSIAN troll spirit. This spirit birthed by the martyr of BRUNHILDE, but we can get into that later. I am shock that kontinal adventures and poop jokes were not the same person. And for your question: >guy was the anal mascot a.k.a neguru voda the fag. Also Levy_Spearman was not a character. An ANUS troll - 01-06-’13 02:56
please commit suicide and rid us from your basement dwelling self-inflicted burden
> ANUSIAN troll spirit

> spirit

What are you doing here arent you late for your shift at McDonalds? Customers need to be served they are getting impatient you dont want to lose the best job you aspies will ever have please commit suicide and rid us from your basement dwelling self-inflicted burden - 01-06-’13 07:58
Billy the sexy cowboy butt naked wearing my cowboy boots and hat yeee haw...Texas represent!
Which were the best memes?
my picks:

More cocks NOW!

Hello I'm SpiderMan and I shoot webs thru my dick!

BAr Bar BAR BAR Vikings Vandals and Visigoths Bar BAR BAR BAr !

oh and I'm kinda feeling the itch to get my cute butthole fucked by a big black monster cock... anybody wanna cyber? I'm stroking my cock real hard while i'm typin this oh shit gunna cumm...oh baby yeah taahts good stuff, shake shake wiggle wiggle oink oink gunna drop a creamy load !!! oohhh oohhhh ohhhhh squirt mother fuckkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrr ohhhhhhohhh!! Billy the sexy cowboy butt naked wearing my cowboy boots and hat yeee haw...Texas represent! - 01-06-’13 09:03
^ you forgot "LOL YAY" and "prepare yourself fuckers, cocks shall be sucked!" Koretor - 01-06-’13 09:54
Serious questioner
Is it true that the jews used to fear lord prozaks powerful internet posts and did in fact try to shut down ANUS because of this? Serious questioner - 01-06-’13 13:51
MuPpEt Mc G0o
No! Prozak has always been Jew friendly. He has advocated that no one single force is responsible for the decay of Westerm Culture, therefore it would be errata to focus on the Jews as the single cause of Western decay (even though if the Jews are endorsers of many of the actual causes that are indeed responsible for the decay of America). Prozak is intelligent enough not to fuck around with the Jewish iron fist! Also, my dick is throbbing and ready for your lips ;) MuPpEt Mc G0o - 01-06-’13 18:20
Serious questioner
I open my wet mouth and put your dick inside hun! I hope ur seed tastes good babbyyy ;} Serious questioner - 01-06-’13 18:55
Serious questioner
Do you guys think Jim Necroslaughter is gay, or bisexaul? I think he is really cute! But he won't respond to my massages. I hate being teasd :[ What do u guys think about him? Serious questioner - 01-06-’13 19:02
tiny midget
Jim Necroslaughter'S mom is a tasty treat, big boobed milf with a nice shapey thighs and an ass to die for! she's really into 69 position and luvs facials. I know i did her just yesterday what a greath fucK!!! tiny midget - 02-06-’13 05:57
Anal Commetor
Good point, tiny midget. Sometimes even I forget that you are an bisexual, not a homosexual. Anal Commetor - 02-06-’13 11:21

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