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Man speaks truth

09 04 13 - 17:34

Drum roll, please, for this legend in its own mind, a mildly entertaining university town and state capital with fever dreams of greatness, a city whose entire purpose for breathing is to not be like everything else around it. When you're trying to set yourself apart from a place as large and as bold as Texas, you have to work really, really hard. Which could explain why everyone walks around here looking so stressed. Sprawling Austin is one of those unfortunate places that seems really smashing on paper. And then one ruins things by going. You have now been advised.

Read the rest at the HuffingDong Post.

Luckily, there is a solution...

three comments

Hipster Metal twink
Oh my! That looks like it could very well please my butthole!
I luv phallus-shaped objects. They remind me of when my stepdad
made me touch his penor... he always bought me candy after I had
been a good boy.

What I like about Mastodon, Gojira, Lamb of God, The Sword and Krallice
concerts is that it's the best place to meet like-minded cute guys.
Meanies keep telling me these bands are not metal but I don't really
care if they are or not, all that matters is that we all look really
in our dresses when we "mosh in the pit", which is when all the butt
fucking begins. Sweat, gooey fecal sex and lots of jizz!! If that's not
metal than what is? Hipster Metal twink - 10-04-’13 17:42
first time on this site,,no kiddin'
You guys love to suck cock so much it's so enticing! I've been wantin to experiment with anal sex with cute guys but I'm afraid if i let them fuck my asshole shit might come out and then i would be so emabarrased! Any tips for my guyz??? first time on this site,,no kiddin' - 10-04-’13 17:52
Bruce Hunchinton
Hey billy bro, don't worry about it. Guys just care if u r confident it doen't matter if ur bumhole is narrow or 2 harry bro. Bruce Hunchinton - 11-04-’13 16:54

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