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Donkey Love

09 03 13 - 09:58

I don't really know much of anything about movies, but this seems like an entertaining look at a provocative subject, which is how gender roles create social problems:

four comments

Half mexican guy
Could you post a "donkeys before and after make up" video? Otherwise I find it very hard to form an opinion on this. Half mexican guy - 09-03-’13 14:19
I thought anus towed the amerika.org line that women should shut up, keep out of politics/employment and stay in the fucking kitchen. JP - 09-03-’13 20:57
Do you support that idea yourself JP? I just need to know if we're on the same page as personally I am dead against this way of thinking. I believe women along with homosexuals, schizos, non-whites and really any other oppressed groups out there need to be as vocal as possible when it come to standing up for our freedom. I mean what with the world becoming so global and all, it just seems insane that anyone could still hold such intolerant and hateful ways of thinking. Even the new pope is proof that even the most steadfast traditions are crumbling under the weight of the common people and our crusade for freedom. Change is occuring and it is and absolute, the world is freeing itself and there's no hate in this world strong enough to stop it. Personally I know I don't have long to live myself, having struggled with dreaded AIDS some 15 years now, but I can't help but shed tears of happiness when I think of how the world is changing for the better and how a future world, a dream, be that as it may, will appear long after my departure from it. Corey - 29-03-’13 20:48
Donkeys are beautiful.

A she-donkey presented herself to me once. Well, actually to her brother, who even castrated still gave a go at mounting her. Right before my eyes, and I was strangely turned on. At least, impressed by his cajones. Krampus - 07-04-’13 15:02

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