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Nihilism, Futurist Traditionalism and Conservationism

Cannibals and cultural anti-relativism

22 08 10 - 07:57

About cultural anti-relativism, which is that idea that we can't compare cultures, so don't try to equate them:

The famous Carib people were reputed to be cannibals, but doubt has later been cast on this theory. The Disney Corporation has been criticised for scenes in "Pirates of the Caribbean", in which the Carib are portrayed as cannibals. Remnants of this people reportedly still live uncontacted on the border between Venezuela and Guyana. In any event, there are sound reasons for not visiting them, they have nothing to gain from contact with our civilisation. - Some Nord

This man dares to say what many can't fathom: why bother to contact people who are perfectly happy living as they are? You can't claim their way of life is primitive or that your own is better, but that means you leave out the second part of relativism, which is where we make excuses. Don't -- just leave them alone. Same idea generally applies to American rednecks and inner city ghettoes.

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