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Find divinity here

09 03 13 - 07:01

This is the great challenge of life -- seeing the positive amidst the horror:

nine comments

I see the divine in him eating the crotch instead of the more nutritious innards. metrosexual - 09-03-’13 10:57
this video made me cry so hard
WHY DIDN'T IT RUN AWAY AT THE END? IT HAD A PERFECT CHANCE TO ESCAPE! this video made me cry so hard - 09-03-’13 14:11
But what is positive? To a rational mind, the cannibalistic nature of life has ensured the only good that can exist is purely relative: what's good for you, is bad for someone else. This is easily observed in our economic system and nature's own economy of food and prey. It would be one thing if we were working to overcome the limitations/mistakes of nature, but most simply prefer to repeat the horror as this site advises, actively blocking progression of thought in favor of conflict and discrimination over differences which are trivial at best and purely circumstantial at worst.

It is obvious from the deep flaws of our universe, wherein destruction is invariably and exponentially an easier act to accomplish than creation or mere transformation, that the 'god' you worship is quite clearly inept, insane, or incalculably sadistic and only generates innocence to enact it's own passive sadism upon. Not unlike the author of this site.

Fuck your god, and fuck you. JP - 09-03-’13 21:23
You know why christianity calls suicide the ultimate sin?
Because who would want this nightmare, but for fear of the next? JP - 09-03-’13 21:29
Jack the Stripper @ JP
fuck off faggit! I'd do the same thing to your mom's crotch anyday!! Jack the Stripper @ JP - 11-03-’13 06:57
You might of, if I hadn't killed the bitch first. JP/KILL YOUR PARENTS FOR SATAN!!! - 11-03-’13 23:18
I get it. jc - 21-03-’13 06:52
Most of us, by not choosing to kill ourselves, make a decision that life is worth living. But life entails suffering and death. If life isn't worth living at your darkest, most painful moment, what makes you think it was worth living at your brightest, happiest one? Job - 14-04-’13 01:01
JP @Job
Are you fucking stupid? People didn't 'choose' to be biologically programmed with an overwhelming fear of death, or to involuntary bodily self-preservation mechanisms which over-ride their will. Additionally, many people have chosen to kill themselves/shorten lifespan, they are just forced to use an indirect mechanism such as smoking or extreme drug abuse. JP @Job - 26-04-’13 03:47

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