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An interesting subculture

26 02 13 - 20:32

Orgasmic; self-destructive; purging.

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a tribute to old anus.com when it still had gore on the front page
http://www.cybermedk.com/down/3%2811%29.jpg a tribute to old anus.com when it still had gore on the front page - 27-02-’13 22:56
The ghosts of hessians who died by suicide
Imagine having died years ago
Imagine never having heard Burzum's post jail releases
Imagine not having witnessed the horrible reunion of Morbid Angel with David Vincent
Imagine the last Darkthrone album you ever heard was Panzerfaust
Imagine no Damned In Black, Unspoken King or Soulfly
Imagine you died before nu-metal, deathcore and indie black metal

You missed your chance, now live with it The ghosts of hessians who died by suicide - 28-02-’13 01:07
Mastodon Fan #1
You're at a mastodon concert
Suddenly you see this guy wearing a "Jesus Christ Saved Me from 27 Years of Homosexuality" t-shirt --> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqdQ6_MAH2A
He tries to tell you the lifestyle you are leading is wrong.
What do you do? Mastodon Fan #1 - 28-02-’13 02:41

Here's some gore. metrosexual - 28-02-’13 21:17
In middle school I was molested and listened to Mastodon, these experiences turned me gay but I am trying really hard and hoping to get back on the straight path any day now! ex-gay - 28-02-’13 23:34
Dave's Boytoy
iCame. Dave's Boytoy - 01-03-’13 14:51
Dave's mom
Imagine having a brain
Imagine never having stumbled upon anus.com
Imagine not having read countless diatribes about liberalism and the end of civilization
Imagine the last time you used the internet it was for something useful
Imagine no whiny narcissist poisoning innocent kids with his racist and sexist ideas
Imagine you were born black in the fifties, or as a woman in any time

You missed your chance, now you need to be re-educated Dave's mom - 02-03-’13 05:14
responsible adult
I just got back from the toilet and I saw the strangest thing ever! My toilet seat was up and there was a turd lying in the bowl that I swear I did not put there. I'm the only person who lives in this building. For a moment I jokingly thought the invisible man might have put it there.

But after several sniffs I noticed it smelled exactly like my own so I concluded that it was mine. However flushing the toilet is something I'd never forget and there was no toilet paper in the bowl and yes I do wipe, so it remains a mystery to me. Could it be that the turd is trying to crawl back to it's former owner? Well I've flushed it now so it's too late.

I'll be honest and say that ever since I've grown out of diapers I've never been in the same room as my turd for 24 hours. It would be interesting to test this and see the results. responsible adult - 02-03-’13 18:24
Doopie Doopie Doopie Doopie Doopie Doopie - 02-03-’13 18:36
@Mastodon Fan #1
What spells do I have? @Mastodon Fan #1 - 02-03-’13 21:43
@Dave's mom

I know the concepts and ideas here go beyond your little ole head, so keep silent as you treat your vaginal yeast infection that spread to my mouth after our night together.

PS: I noticed Dave peering into the room at us through a crack in the door. Get your little basement dweller some help. metrosexual - 03-03-’13 11:01
Mastodon and Lamb of God
Imagine what I feel everytime an elistist tells me my music is not Real metal?
How do I make them understand Metal is more than what they wanna believe it is?

It's just music, its all about having fun and respecting the musician's right
to do whatever they want!!! If you dig the music then let it be cuz you enjoy
it not cuz it should be something philosophical or anything!

And what about those guys that claim that Metal has a "spirit" only to be
found in old school metal? Just chill, kick back and let the riffs entertain
you, is that so hard?

my email [email protected] Mastodon and Lamb of God - 10-03-’13 08:24

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