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Flame Warriors

Don't Wanna Flame No More

23 02 13 - 11:35

Early-internet satire of how human personalities break down in newsgroups:

eleven comments

So guys do you think this is real or fake?

I'm studying this for my college degree so I would appreciate any help. anthropologist - 23-02-’13 14:11
Hi Anthropologist,

I believe it is fake.

Though I didn't click the link.

Check it out some day

Probably not.

Read carefully

I didn't click the link


but not really


well not even that

Poet PERSONALITY - 23-02-’13 18:08
Glad something I posted is being highlighted here though. Anus sucks. Power Metal is the law.
This is ancient as fuck. Glad something I posted is being highlighted here though. Anus sucks. Power Metal is the law. - 24-02-’13 04:36
Speaking of flame warriors, watch in hilarity as this typical anus.com reader gets pwned.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hg4WdwZCuE JP - 26-02-’13 20:00
Mika Hakinen
talk straight fag are you a typical anus reader or not?

@JP of course Mika Hakinen - 27-02-’13 19:57
Anus chant: "Anti-racist is codeword for anti-white!"

Reality: "Anti-immigration is codeword for racist shit-4-brains." JP - 27-02-’13 21:19
JP @ Mika Hakinen
No, typical anus readers typically use the word fag a lot in place of argument while proclaiming their obsession with cock and their own rectum. JP @ Mika Hakinen - 27-02-’13 21:23
Mika Hakinen
fuck you're a dummy. i DO NOT support anus or even give their articles the time of day. im just trying to figure out if you do. and personally, being gay and half black thai mixture myself, i got no problem with homosexuality or mass immigration. by the way JP you fuckin white or what? cos u sound white but prolly liberal. Mika Hakinen - 01-03-’13 16:35
JP @ Mika Hakinen
Well you seemed to take offense to my strawman of anus ethnocentrism, which was itself a parody of anus strawmen of 'liberals'. I fail to see how my race is relevant, I never had any cause nor desire to invest in a circumstantial sense of identity. I don't think I'm a liberal, I don't even know what liberalism exactly is. I just know I find right-wing crowdism far more stupid and destructive to left-wing crowdism, although only mildly more repulsive. JP @ Mika Hakinen - 07-03-’13 16:21
Black Jackson @ JP
I know you like frot. I know you like cock in your ass.
I know you're ready to have my black seed deep inside of you.

Then we will cuddle and I will kill you.
write to me: anarchist_84@hotmail.com Black Jackson @ JP - 11-03-’13 07:02
jus answer the damn question JP whjat fuckin race u are?? Mika - 17-03-’13 18:36

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